Improve Your Speaking Power and Be Confident: Know the Top Tips

Speaking is an automatic and natural process which is developed by a child since birth. The best and easiest way to develop the habit is by listening to others speak and imbibe the habit. However, there are many people who have a phobia of speaking in public and in front of unknown people. For them, we have a few tips to overcome the issue.

Prepare Before the Big Event

To sneak fluently, rote learning does not help. Rather one must know the matter inside out. Understand, imbibe and then speak about it so that you can speak from the heart.

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Download Recording App

After downloading, read your speech in three different speeds, normal, slow and slower. Next, play them multiple times and see which one sounds the best. Take opinions if you want to.

Observe Great Speakers

Great and successful speakers have their own methods that make them work successfully. Observe them and try to channelize their methods to overcome your fear and inhibitions.

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Forget About Alcohol And Caffeine

Nothing damages your voice before an event like alcohol and caffeine. So stay away from both a day in advance and chew a clove before the event to soothe the voice.

Sleep Well

A relaxing and refreshing sleep the night or afternoon before the event is therapeutic. It relaxes the body and helps the brain assimilate the topic you will speak about.

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Sound Confident

This is very important and your voice must be loud and clear to every listener. Be articulate and precise so that your inner confidence is reflected in your voice.

Rehearse Well

Before any big event, it Is imperative that you rehearse your piece well. Know it inside out so that you are conversational on D-day rather than mechanical. Rehearse aloud and channelize your physical energy so that you can pull it from the unconscious mind.

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Enjoy The Process

Smile is the negator of all negative energy. Pull yourself up and flash that big confident smile so that you can come across as a mature individual who is confident about taking on the world with their speaking skills.

Take Feedback

Last but not the least, ask your audience to rate your speech and see what they say. Even if the first rating is not so good, take it as a challenge to do better the next time. Just do not give up even if there is a failure.

Serious businesswoman listening to woman and writing something

An MBA In Finance To Catapult Your Way To The Big League

Career Options Open To An MBA Finance Graduate

MBA is an extremely sought after degree and an MBA in Finance is the top choice among all the other MBA degrees offered by the institutes. The most attractive proposition of a Finance MBA is the varied and myriad career options that one may get. The options available are Treasurers and Finance Officers, Corporate Controllers, Credit Managers and Specialists, Investment Sales Associates and Traders, Risk and Insurance Managers, Financial Managers, Investment Banking Associates, Management Consultants, Financial Analysts, Cash Managers, Investment Bankers, Chief Financial Officers, Accounting Managers and others.

Job Responsibilities Of A Finance MBA

The Finance degree lets a person analyze the financial situation of a company. The different sources of finance will be identified by them and they will also take steps to raise funds. The financial health of a company can make it capable to take decisions in regard to investments and strategic planning. One advantage of an MBA in Finance is the job opportunities that can be got in different sectors and the companies make an effort to recruit fresher and experienced people. With experience, a Finance MBA graduate can start a self venture because decision making capacity and leadership aptitude is ingrained in them.

Annual Packages One Can Expect

The pay scale depends on the B-school from where a person graduates. Normally, it is the Finance students that get the highest offers with the best pay packets in the industry. For an IIM graduate, the offer can be Rs 10-15 lakh per annum.  Financial analysts can get around Rs 4 lakh per annum and the Credit analysts will start with Rs 5-6 lakh per annum. With experience, the amount may go up to around Rs 20-30 lakh per annum. Management consultants can get a starting salary of around Rs 5-8 lakh per annum which may even go up to Rs 10-15 lakh per annum. What matters in the end is that a MBA in Finance will surely help one to get a budding career and become a successful career person in later life.






MBA in Human Resource Management – Know Why Should You Opt for the Course

MBA is one of the most sought after career options worldwide nowadays and gives you the chance to succeed in your dream career path. The growth prospects with the Finance MBA are immense and earning potential that is simply too lucrative. Recruiters want people in their team who are active, intelligent and smart business graduates so that a company may move forward and achieve greater reputation in the near future.

Responsibilities of An HR Manager

Many students are skeptical of an MBA in HR and want to pursue the other branches of business studies. However, when it comes to running an organization in a glitch free manner, HR managers are indispensable for looking after the various aspects like safety, employee policy, employee health, team building, benefits and increments, recruiting, salary, performance updates and training of a company. They have to inspire the workforce and mobilize them towards fruitful production and contribution. For small organizations, the HR manager is responsible for looking after every human resource issues and in the larger organizations; one HR manager is allocated selected responsibilities only.

Area Of Expertise For An HR Manager

While pursuing the MBA in HR, one has to go through various topics like Labour Welfare and Social Security, Recruitment and Selection, Industrial Relations, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Labour Legislation, Motivation and Retention and Labour Relations. Admission is through a successful score in MAT /XAT /ATMA or CAT. After successful completion of the course, one may be hired as a Director of HR Training and Development, Organizational development and change consultant, Employee Relations Manager, Employment or Placement Manager, Staffing Director Compensation Manager, Technical Recruiter or HR Generalist.

Expected Salary Of An HR

The skill set for an MBA in HR includes the ability to create a win-win situation for the organization and staff, take a hard call, understanding of different cultures, ability to mould your style of operation as per staff needs, excellent communication skills, strategic planning through people development, ability to understand human relations, negotiation skills and leadership skills. The salary is dependent on experience where the entry level professional gets Rs 6 lakh to Rs 12 lakh per annum, mid-level professionals may get between Rs 18 lakh to Rs 35 lakh per annum and senior professionals can very well earn between Rs 40 lakh to Rs 1 crore per annum.




Heritage Business School Gets 3 National Awards At The 9th E-Week Grand Finale

The East Zone Grand Finale of the 9th E-Week of National Entrepreneurship Network was held at the Heritage Campus, Kolkata on March 5, 2016. The E-Week was observed during February 20 – 27, 2016 by over 3500 Academic Institutes, covering 45 cities, 1500 Events and 8 Lakhs participants. The Heritage Group of Institutions participated in the E-Week with 45 Entrepreneurial Ideas and a number of Innovative ideas.

Of all the Awards presented, Heritage Business School won 3 of the top National Awards :

• Highest Impact Institute Award
• E Week Champion Award
• E Week Premier Impact Award – Star Faculty – Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri12496513_965174736896513_6357011550481711382_o 12771485_965174993563154_8606081409828150154_o 12778942_965174916896495_1698109650480957300_o 12779014_965175156896471_7977627144906628543_o 12779253_965174410229879_7840085148133256216_o 12794692_965175093563144_6007610290801800615_o 12828321_965175046896482_1756348760617494133_o 12829160_965174350229885_4376143895995036580_o 12829291_965174620229858_5636831250493827826_o

3 Sure Shot Interview Tips To Crack An Interview

Interviews are a nerve wracking affair and one has to be fully prepared in order to top an interview and bag that dream job. While there are tips galore in the market on how to crack an interview, here are 3 tips that you can follow.

Appear Prepared And Interested To The Interviewer

When you appear for an interview, it is very important that you attend it with full preparation. Keep a bag well stocked with pen, paper, notebook, multiple copies of resume and questions that you would like to ask the interviewer. Interviews start with asking for the resume and you can remove a well kept one from your portfolio.

Next step is to make the interviewer feel that they are saying something important that you are writing down. Even if you think you can remember all the points later on, note them down so that you do not just stare at each other across the table. However do not keep your head down all the time

Take A Conversational Approach

One sided conversation where the employer asks you question and you just answer them are very monotonous and putting off. Rather do quality research so that you can talk about yourself, about the company you are applying for and the latest trends in your field in the industry.

Never be afraid to ask questions because unless and until you clear your doubts about your prospective employee, apprehensions will never fade away. Employees prefer intelligent, quick witted and affable employees rather than those who are grim and not eager to know about the roles they may play in the organization.

Dress Well

This point is irrelevant for those who always like to dress well. However, for those people who are not in the nattily dressed club, the point assumes significance. It is not necessary to wear expensive clothes but they should be clean, proper and wrinkle free. Remember to look modern but not too modern. Footwear should not be torn or frayed and apply some fragrance which is not very overpowering either.

These are the top three tips that can help you to crack an interview and not get rejected in the first round. Other than these, it is your knowledge, personality and impression that will help you to go ahead.


Top 3 Tips To Negotiate Salary

Once you have actually passed a job interview, it is time that to negotiate the right salary for you. Decide within yourself how important it is to work for the particular company. The top 3 tips to negotiate the salary have been listed below.

Be Positive

You need to be optimistic in mind that as if you have crossed the hurdle and fared well in the interview rounds, then this stage will not be a problem. With anxiety or any wrong apprehensions, you will feel only pessimistic. So, be confident that you are worth it. Be professional and let your body language suit your words, that you are speaking. You need to be a good negotiator after all, if you think right, you will play right.
Be Realistic

Think right and be in the real world, while negotiating your salary with the prospective employer. Do not think too high or too low, primarily you can do a research as to, what the other companies are paying to the employees as employers also does a good research before negotiating the right salary. There are many websites that provide salary information, including:,,,,, and Create a salary range from these sites and from the employees and then speak to your employer about it.

Know Your Strength

If you know you strengths and weaknesses well, then nobody can pay you anything but right. Think, what makes you special and what are the qualities that will make the company grow. You can also conduct a SWOT analysis to make yourself more ware about your strong areas. Write down, all your special qualities that differentiates you from others. That can help you actually in salary negotiation.

Not all persons have the innate art of speaking or are born speakers, so be yourself, listen carefully and negotiate a salary that suits you, until you are extremely fascinated to join a particular company. Be a complete winner by impressing your employer with your confident talks, your body language which has to be confident and calm. That will show as to how good you have practiced as there is no other alternative to reach the level of perfection.

Industry-Institute-Interface Program Prof. Rahul Sett Visit HBS

On Monday, 15th February 2016, the students of Heritage Business School had the opportunity to interact with Prof. Rahul Sett, who is an Assistant Professor at the International University of Japan, Tokyo.


The interaction was a part of the Industry-Institute-Interface Program and the discussion started with Prof. Sett enumerating to the students on ‘Consumerisation In The Present Context As Opposed To The Conventional Approach’.

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Prof. Sett is a BTech degree holder and is a Fellow (Ph.D) from IIM Ahmedabad. He has also been awarded with the Nehru Fulbright Scholarship for Post Doctoral Research and was a Faculty of IIM Kozhikode.