Studying MBA is a huge investment. Stress is a part and parcel of studying, whether on a school level or a college level. Pursuing a degree in MBA is challenging, but we must have certain resources at the back of our hands to combat stress every once in a while.


One must employ the philosophy of ‘swap it, don’t stop it’. Instead of compromising on the things that make us more productive, we should make time for some non-study activities in our schedule. In this way, we will also be replacing those activities or habits that destroy our productivity. For example, if one is squeezing in time for exercising or grocery runs, these activities actually stimulate one’s productivity.


Be ahead of time by making a schedule for yourself. This schedule should include everything – your sleeping hours, working hours, study hours and your free time. Making a timetable and sticking to it is the ultimate advantage to succeed!


Along with these tips, it is extremely important to manage one’s environment because it does impact one’s learning and working capacity in every way. Whether you study alone or in groups, you must be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to overcome them.


Studying while being aware of your surroundings and yourself should be on the top of everyone’s to-do list, after all, as Albert Einstein rightly said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


Although MBA might be a tough nut to crack, it is important to deviate our minds into things other than studying to keep our morale going. It is essential to strike a healthy balance between studying and your social life. Extra-curricular activities play an important role in one’s overall personality development. These activities allow students to pursue their goals and interest outside of their standard academic curriculum.


Efficiency and dedication are the keys to everything. When students are involved in co-curricular activities, they understand the importance of time management. They understand and come up with techniques to juggle their study time and hobby time. This helps them to manage their activities while making their assignment submissions on time.

One must get themselves involved in sports clubs, societies, volunteering or do some part-time work. Through this, one meets new people and also enjoys the best of both worlds. These activities come in quite handy for students when they appear for job or internship interviews. They not only make a great addition to the student’s portfolio but also allow the employer to have a better understanding of the candidate’s past work.


Participating in co-curricular activities not only enable your mind to think about other things but also boosts your confidence in a big way. Not only that, enrolling in extra-curricular activities helps students to learn a lot about themselves and make them use their skills and knowledge in different contexts too. These activities also help students develop skills which may aid them a lot in their professional life later on. Extra-curricular activities add to the degree experience in a large way as well.


The Group Discussion – Personal Interview, popularly known as the GD-PI session, is the most crucial platform to enlist deserving candidates. When it comes to the competitionaround us, it’s massive. Nobody wants to lose. But only the person who has the willingness to ‘prepare to win‘, wins. One must keep in mind the following points to ace it in their GD-PI sessions –


  1. As boring as it may sound, reading newspapers on a daily basis should be your top most priority. This not only gives you in-depth insights about the topics but also helps you to form your own opinions at the same time.
  2. It is advised to prepare a few questions and answers from before so that you don’t lose out on your confidence in front of the interviewers. Some of these pre-prepared questions can be – introducing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, why have you chosen this field, etc.
  3. One should read good books and articles to enhance their vocabulary and fluency. These skills not only help express yourself in a better way but also indicate the interviewers if they see true potential in you.
  4. You can boost your public speaking skills by conducting mock GD and PI sessions with your peers. In this way, you learn from your mistakes, accelerate your confidence and are aware about the level of competition.
  5. A person’s tone, volume, and body postures talk about their personality on a large scale. You must practice voice modulation often to know how confident you are because it is an important criteria for you selection. In fact, it might be the only criteria.


In GD-PI sessions all kinds of questions will be thrown at you. They might put you in the toughest of positions but, you must get out of it unscathed.

Leadership Skills

For any career development, leadership skills play an important role. A leader is someone who helps himself and helps others do the right thing. Leaders build an inspiring vision, set directions and create something new. A leader has to be dynamic, exciting and inspiring. They must also have the ability to take risks since no plan is 100% full proof.

There are some who are born leaders and some who practice being a good leader. Some skills that are essential for becoming a good team leader are –

  1. Motivate Others – A leader must empower and motivate his or her teammates. If you show disbelief in your employee’s idea or the business, somewhere the performance will go down. It will have a negative effect on the morale of the employees and in turn, on the business as well. One must believe in others and inspire them to work harder towards their goals. A leader must always generate and focus on positive energy.
  2. Resolve Conflicts – Unexpected situations can arise in the work place at any time. Challenges can knock on your door without prior appointment. Before stepping into the panic stage, you must define the problem, understand the root cause and examine the possible solutions. Interpersonal conflicts may arise as well. If the situations seem dicey, you must talk to the individuals in private.
  3. Plan Ahead – An efficient team leader should have a vision. Only when you know what you want to do, can you work on achieving the goal. A leader should plan and prepare in advance, keeping in mind the pros and cons as well. This also leads to effective time management.

A leader’s learning never ends, it goes on and on. When things in the environment keep changing, the leader must adapt himself to the changes in order to keep up. A leader must be influential and not authoritative.








Role of communication

Due to lack of communication or poor communication in a business enterprise, projects get delayed, customers are dissatisfied and investors get angry. People inside and outside your company start to lose interest in your company. Efficient communication helps in solving problems, making decisions, achieving goals, eliminating controversies, increasing employee satisfaction and much more.


In the end, it leads to the growth of your business as well. The phrase “you reap what you sow” applies perfectly here. When communication and cooperation of your business is good, profits will most definitely knock at your door. But when they are not happening in a proper manner, there is nothing that can prevent the company from its downfall. In other words, communication is the key to any management, or else you are doomed.


The importance/role of communication –

  1. With the help of good communication, managers can collect information and data from different departments and make right, timely decisions.
  2. When proper communication takes place, you can also understand the various problems that exist in the company. Hence, taking measures to control them.
  3. Good communication ensures employees to be more conscious and attentive. This helps to maintain a systematic flow of work and a timely achievement of goals.

Communication, whether written or oral, is extremely important. It is an essential tool to represent your company. Interaction with consumers and customers is another aspect which must be ticked in your list. Ultimately, it is the customers who evaluate your company based on their interaction with you.


The basic purpose of communication is to inform, educate and understand people. There has to be clarity, completeness, conciseness, consideration, correctness accuracy, concreteness and courtesy to carry out effective business communication.

New Year Resolutions for MBA Students


The time just before the new year starts is the ideal time to evaluate oneself, reflect on the past year and analyse your goals for the coming year. For all those MBA students out there, you must work on your New Year resolutions based on the following –

  1. Being an MBA student, you might have your next steps already planned out. But if such is not the case, the right time to do it is now! Take out some time from the ‘me time’ to define your goals, both personal and professional. Having a plan B is helpful too for being on the safe side. Planning a little ahead of time is always beneficial.
  2. Boost and polish your resume with online and offline courses to be at the top of the game. Volunteer more and put your knowledge to good work.
  3. Being organised is the key to everything. Create a timetable to distribute your work hours and leisure time to avoid a clash. A detailed plan will help you keep a track of your progress as well.
  4. Make space for new opportunities by expanding your network. Be socially active and take advantage of all the events happening to build a good network.
  5. Apply the SWOT analysis technique to identify your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Invest in extra care of these to yield good results.
  6. Stress less and blow off some steam. You can go to a career counselor to seek help or do something creative and athletic to be a little at ease.

Invest in all these pointers to become an all-rounder and lead a better quality life. Physical and mental health are the most important to succeed. Keep improving yourself at every step so as to not call for a chance to regret.

What Should All MBA Students Do?

Acquiring an MBA degree from a MBA School Kolkata with Best Placement has become one of the most competitive fields- it is today a professional course that attracts a major chunk of the youth population.  The demand is on a great rise. The collective process of completing the degree does not only accommodate the academic facet of it all but also rests on your indulgence in other factors- factors which add on to your personality and over all competence within the professional sphere.

  1. Dive into extra-curricular activities

Exploring your interests is integral to a business degree from a MBA college kolkata. It is essential for you to grab every opportunity that offers you an experience which could define you in the future! A business degree is never only about the grades or the digits you’ve managed to earn on paper but is also about the individual you become at the end of it. An MBA student should certain avail any chance that a B-School offers to grow at an individual level.

  1. Gain contacts rather than having a sluggish attitude

Gaining contacts through your 2-year course is perhaps the most important thing to you and the future that awaits you as throughout your degree you will come across lionized figures who might be your door to success in the years to come. Interacting with major business tycoons or fostering important friendships with your fellows comes off handy when you have to face the real world where practical support and guidance are primary to lead you towards a well-grounded career.

  1. Work on communication

All professionals are expected to have a verbal fluency as communication is one thing that does not only come from academic education but rather is a skill that dictates one’s credibility. If you flunk at communicating your ideas or your perspectives effectively within an organisation or for an organisation, you might end up stuck at a desk job that limits you when it comes to opportunities!

  1. Plan your own business already

Most MBA students dream of becoming entrepreneurs- crafting and running your own business is an alluring idea that requires immediate action. A business school offers all its resources to assist its students and it is the best time for the students to already make it to the big field for the guidance they might get as B-school students is exemplary as compared to the influence that might come after graduating. Not to mention, the brownie points you might gain amongst the big players in the business world is significant.

  1. Brush up on your practical knowledge

It is not a fact unknown that the professional world inevitably looks for professionals who maintain an awareness of how the business world works- the popular trends and the market, rather than students who have had perfect scores only for the sake of academia. Brushing up on your knowledge of the market serves you an upper hand in tackling the field with your perspective.



Why Do An MBA?

Aspirants today are faced with a wide range of career options to choose from and with large number of students looking to carve their own space or rather a niche in the world, a difficult competition takes the front seat and drives the educational market. Highly educated graduates coming from different domains of study often turn to the business world as their resort to carve their own space.

This inclination has had prominent reasons. A postgraduate degree from a top MBA college in Kolkata is a crucial pre-requisite to fruitfully launch oneself into the business niche. It grants the essential skill set which could assist the aspirants with business ethics and knowledge. Getting an MBA indeed is an expensive venture, but the returns are always guaranteed which is the silver lining of the undertaking.

Get The Desired Package

MBA graduates are known to ace 6-digit salaries, mostly much higher than the ones with ordinary university degrees. Both, the private and the public sector, offer boggling packages to Business school graduates and the difference in the salary as well as the growth graph are significantly beguiling.

Hassle-Free Flexibility

MBA students can opt for classroom hours based on their own convenience without having to compromise on their daily routine. An employed individual could preferably go for evening or weekend classes and complete the degree without having to resign and deregister from an annual income to support a lifestyle.

Networking Underpinning Growth

B-school students get the opportunity to register contacts with important faces within the business world. The influence runs from the present business leaders to the future business rulers. This networking goes a long way to ensure an ascending growth for the MBA graduates who step into the corporate field, having already met and schooled by all the prominent corporate leaders.

Become An Entrepreneur

If one wishes to establish their own company from scratch and run their own firm and be their own boss, an MBA course in Kolkata can serve as the initial impetus preparing the aspirant and making him/her eligible to embark into the journey.


Advantages Of A Management Degree


A management degree can add ample of opportunities to your career. Whether you’re looking to learn how to manage a small business or become part of a multinational corporation, a degree in management can be an effective choice when making career choices.

Here are five advantages of a Management Degree:

Versatile Career choices

With a management degree, there are many options you can turn to as a career. Almost any business requires management; you can become an assistant manager, office manager, a human resources director etc. Also, a management degree helps in overviewing many diverse fields like finance, accounting, marketing, which can give an amazing chance to shift your career path.


There are plenty of opportunities open for management degree holders in the workforce. This versatility in career choices can lead to more job security and less danger of unemployment or underemployment. The salary schemes are also satisfactory and can add a positive impact on your resume

International Ties

International ties have a huge impact on the management field. With a management degree, you can have a chance to explore the work field abroad as well, given the business ties of the company. These interactions can help in shaping the work experience of a person.

Boon in disguise

A career in management can be extremely rewarding. You can explore many different career types; you can also help guide others to a common goal. With a management degree, it is easier to get access to different facets of management field; you can choose the career field according to your own choice.

Get an opportunity to take the lead

It can be a small startup or a large corporation the manager takes the upper hand in decision making. With a management degree, you will be able to unite all the different parts of an organization like marketing, finance, sales etc. to create efficient whole planning

5 reasons why an MBA will be a good choice for you

Aspiring to take the management road?

There are a lot of decisions to be taken before pursuing the degree such as, is pursuing an MBA program offered by a business school abroad worth the time? Are the financial investment and the demanding entry requirements worth it?

Before making the decision, let us guide you with some valuable reasons as to why MBA will be a good choice for you,

  1. Management skills


An MBA degree can strengthen the management skill, candidates who with MBA are usually young professionals with a minimum of two years of work experience. There are certain seniors who apply for the degree as well for a better understanding of the field. MBA can help in specializing one’s skill in manufacturing, advertising, marketing, keeping the financial crisis on a check, maintaining the company’s positive image and coming out of the comfort zone.

  1. Higher salary schemes


The average salary for an MBA graduate is much higher than an employee’s with a regular Master’s. MBA degree holders have the advantage of receiving twice the benefit than a regular degree holder.

  1. Scope for growth


By earning an MBA, it is easier to gain a new perspective on how businesses are handled and get to live in a foreign country. This will broaden the candidate’s cultural horizon and your business career prospects.

  1. MBA can have a lasting effect upon credentials


As an MBA graduate it becomes easier to get recognition regardless of the location where one plans to build their career, an MBA degree will increase your business credibility.

  1. Versatility


The real advantage of an MBA is its proven versatility. With an MBA, one can pursue many careers and advance faster to better-paid jobs.