Time Management, Top 7 Tips

Few Important Tips on How to Manage Time Effectively

Time management is a thing we all want to learn. There are few ways to manage time in a proper and effective manner to make it more productive because we all have 24 hours to spend, not a single second more than that.

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Itemize Work

Prepare a list of the tasks you need to complete in a single day. The tasks need immediate attention will be marked as red in your task book. Take the first 30 minutes of your day to make this plan. Do not forget to put scheduled time for each task.

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Balance Your Effort

Work on small parts everyday and give priority to the important tasks first. Concentrate on the work is in your hand so that it does not lose focus. Once the day’s task is complete, mark them and start next day’s task. Proceeding in this manner will help you to finish the given task before the targeted time.

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Delegate Tasks

The art of delegating works to your subordinates as per their skills and abilities come next. As we tend to take more tasks than our potential, we often make blunder which can result in stress and wasting essential energy. If we learn proper delegation, our productivity will not be affected.

Learn To Say No

Multitasking is an effective way of getting things done but the truth is that you shine better when you focus and concentrate on one thing. Multitasking sans productivity, thus you should learn to refuse politely to accept additional tasks especially when you are overburdened with work.

Put Deadlines

Set a realistic deadline for your work and try to stick with it. All the distractions like, unnecessary phone calls and the social media can be put aside until you finish the assigned work in given time.

Start Early

Starting your day early will give you time to sit, think and plan for the day. When you get up early, you are more calm and creative and as the day progresses our energy level decreases gradually which drastically affects your productivity.


Avoid Stress

Learn effective stress management procedures at the best MBA School Kolkata, HBS. Stress makes us tired and affects our productivity. We should indulge us a break of 10 to 15 minutes in between works and use the time in listening music or talking to some near and dear ones to boost up our energy level and increase efficiency.

Real Facts You Need To Know While Doing An MBA

One of the most lucrative career options that is currently taking the market by storm is Master’s of Business Administration or an MBA. Be it the career prospects or the salary that an MBA graduate can command, all these are together helping the best MBA school Kolkata has in attracting the best academic brains to this field. While the advantages of doing an MBA are many, there are some disadvantages as well.

The Sometimes Prohibitive Cost

The cost of an MBA is quite high and most students take an educational loan to fund their course fees. However, even though an MBA is a sure ticket to a high flying job, sometimes the student may not get a job that they had desired in the first place. It is in such situation that the MBA that one did in a MBA college in Kolkata becomes a liability.

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Time Is A Constrain

A full time MBA takes a minimum of 2 years and if it is being pursued by a person who is employed, it may take up to eight years to finish the course. This can affect the job you are pursuing or even lead to non-completion of the degree in itself. Therefore, before you go ahead, consider all the pros and cons carefully.

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Job Experience Matters

Here we will discuss about pursuing an MBA after gaining some years of experience. When you are a fresh out of college graduate then it may not be so easy for you to grasp the finer details of an MBA and just rely of bookish knowledge. However, when it comes to those with prior job experiences, the difference in salary package gets reflected greatly.

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Curb On Creative Thinking

Sadly but truly, the education gained during an out and out MBA course can lead to curbing of creativity in a person. On top of that, some of the MBA courses are not specialized enough to ready a person to deal in a particular industry.

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While we have talked about some of the disadvantages that come with pursuing an MBA, it is equally true that an MBA degree in today’s world can open up many doors for you and help you to forge ahead in life. Of course, for this you have to go through the list of AICTE approved MBA colleges in Kolkata and take admission in them.

Induction Program MBA 14 (Batch 2016-14)

The inaugural function for the Induction Programme of the 14th Batch of MBA students was conducted on July 11, 2016 by Heritage Business School – one of the leading Business Schools in the country as rated by several rating agencies like Higher Education Review, Business Standard, Business Today, Sun, Digital Learning and Outlook.

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In his speech, Shri Sanjay Budhia, one of the leading Industrialists of the country exhorted the students to dream and plan their career keeping in mind the environment. He drew upon his personal experiences and advised the students not to be afraid of failures. Shri Viresh Oberoi, CEO and MD of M-Junction Services Ltd. welcomed the students, outlined the main qualities equired by Managers and advised them to fully utilize the excellent infrastructure facilities and the vast knowledge both theoretical and practical of the Faculty of Heritage business School to shape their future. Shri Mohit Kampani, MD, Spencers advised the students to be Entrepreneurs and thus be job givers rather than job seekers. This is also in line with the Prime Minister’s dream of taking India to the next higher level of competence and excellence.

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Prof. Malay Kumar Banerjee, Dean, Heritage Business School emphasized  the need to be updated on the latest developments internationally and take advantage of the tailor-made programmes of Heritage Business School to become internationally accepted resources in their functional areas.

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A total of 180 students and their parents attended this Inaugural Function which was held at the Heritage Campus on July 11, 2016.


Presentation By Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri At Portland, Oregon

On 1st July 2016, Heritage Business School, which is a MBA school Kolkata with best placement, added another proverbial feather in its cap when one of their faculty members, Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri presented a paper at Portland, Oregon, USA at the 91st Annual Western Economics Association International Conference. The paper was entitled “Information Technology Industry: A Contagious Bubble Ball Ride Accelerating the Socio-Economic Catastrophe” and was co-authored by Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri and Prof. Malay Kumar Banerjee, who is the Dean of this prestigious business school.

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Background Of Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri

Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri has done her Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) and Master of Arts in Economics. Other than that, she has a B.Ed from the University of Burdwan and also has a Ph.D in the subject. At Heritage Business School, she is associated with the best MBA course Kolkata as an Assistant Professor and her areas of specialization is Agricultural Economics. She has teaching experience of 7 years and her areas of interest in research is Entrepreneurship Development. She has vast research experience and that includes being a visiting scholar at EDI, Ahmedabad.

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Participation At WEAI Annual Conferences

WEAI Annual Conferences sees the regular participation of allied societies who  can organize few sessions to an entire conference and that includes membership and board meetings. No matter whether the group is established or an emerging one, WEAI helps to bring the members together and increase the visibility of the group within the discipline. In fact, some of the societies participating were AEA Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP), African Finance and Economics Association (AFEA), American Society of Hispanic Economists (ASHE), Association for Economic and Development Studies on Bangladesh (AEDSB), Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE), Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics and Associated Professions (AIRLEAP), Association for University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) and various other societies.

Venue Of The Event

The event started on 29th June, a Wednesday and continued till 3rd July, a Sunday. The venue was Hilton Portland & Executive Tower, Oregon and the keynote addresses were given by Emmanuel Saez and David Card University of California. Both of them are John Bates Clark Medal winner. The former won it in 2009 and the latter in 1995. The President-Elect Featured Sessions had two relevant topics and they were “Minimum Wage Symposium” and “Extending Retirement Savings Plans to Low-wage Workers.”

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Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri has other laurels to her name other than being a part of one of the top 5 MBA college in Kolkata and that includes being selected as Certified Master Trainer  by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). Her work responsibilities as the Master Trainer included training the trainers of Entrepreneurs in Institutes all over India. Here it must be mentioned that NEN has selected only 9 Master trainers throughout the country and Dr Rimu Chaudhuri is one of them. She has been

Heritage Business School Makes A Mark With Its Summer Placements

One of the most important criteria for choosing an MBA college in Kolkata is how good the placement is. In this regard, Heritage Business School has always come up trumps. Every year, scores of students are passing out of the business college and are getting placed in some of the most sought after companies in Kolkata and outside. It is definitely one of the best MBA school Kolkata has and other than the placements, the infrastructure, curriculum and faculty are bests of the class.

Major Recruiters At Heritage Business School

Because of its excellent academic acumen and the knowledgeable students, the companies make a beeline for HBS. Some of the best companies to come are Dabur India Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, Confederation of Indian Industry, Colgate Palmolive, KPMG, Century Ply, ABP Ltd, SREI Infrastructure, Reliance Group, Infosys, Emami Ltd, PWC – SDC, Keventer Group, Patton India, Johnson and Johnson, Accenture, American Express, Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Apollo Tyres Ltd, HDFC Bank, Federal Bank, MRF, Vodafone, Snap Deal, Sony India, Airtel, Future Retail, Janalakshmi Financial Services, WIPRO, Nestle India, ICICI and many of the others.

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Interaction With The Company Honchos

Heritage Business School understands the importance of maintaining good contact with the companies in the market. They interact and regularly invite some of the best industry leaders so that they came to visit the campus and enlighten the students for their future career endeavors. These companies visit the campus during placements and depending on the organizational requirements, inclinations and student profile are selected by the companies.

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Summer Placements Opportunities At HBS

The summer placement options at HBS is extremely good. HBS takes special interest in order to ensure that the students get internships with the best of the companies. Not only in India, there is facility for internship projects in foreign companies.

These summer placements enable the students to get practical and hands on experience regarding the business environment they will face in a real world scenario.

All in all, Heritage Business School is among the top 5 MBA college in Kolkata and their acumen and placement opportunity is a fitting reward for the excellent student quality of the institute.



Improve Your Speaking Power and Be Confident: Know the Top Tips

Speaking is an automatic and natural process which is developed by a child since birth. The best and easiest way to develop the habit is by listening to others speak and imbibe the habit. However, there are many people who have a phobia of speaking in public and in front of unknown people. For them, we have a few tips to overcome the issue.

Prepare Before the Big Event

To sneak fluently, rote learning does not help. Rather one must know the matter inside out. Understand, imbibe and then speak about it so that you can speak from the heart.

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Download Recording App

After downloading, read your speech in three different speeds, normal, slow and slower. Next, play them multiple times and see which one sounds the best. Take opinions if you want to.

Observe Great Speakers

Great and successful speakers have their own methods that make them work successfully. Observe them and try to channelize their methods to overcome your fear and inhibitions.

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Forget About Alcohol And Caffeine

Nothing damages your voice before an event like alcohol and caffeine. So stay away from both a day in advance and chew a clove before the event to soothe the voice.

Sleep Well

A relaxing and refreshing sleep the night or afternoon before the event is therapeutic. It relaxes the body and helps the brain assimilate the topic you will speak about.

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Sound Confident

This is very important and your voice must be loud and clear to every listener. Be articulate and precise so that your inner confidence is reflected in your voice.

Rehearse Well

Before any big event, it Is imperative that you rehearse your piece well. Know it inside out so that you are conversational on D-day rather than mechanical. Rehearse aloud and channelize your physical energy so that you can pull it from the unconscious mind.

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Enjoy The Process

Smile is the negator of all negative energy. Pull yourself up and flash that big confident smile so that you can come across as a mature individual who is confident about taking on the world with their speaking skills.

Take Feedback

Last but not the least, ask your audience to rate your speech and see what they say. Even if the first rating is not so good, take it as a challenge to do better the next time. Just do not give up even if there is a failure.

Serious businesswoman listening to woman and writing something

An MBA In Finance To Catapult Your Way To The Big League

Career Options Open To An MBA Finance Graduate

MBA is an extremely sought after degree and an MBA in Finance is the top choice among all the other MBA degrees offered by the institutes. The most attractive proposition of a Finance MBA is the varied and myriad career options that one may get. The options available are Treasurers and Finance Officers, Corporate Controllers, Credit Managers and Specialists, Investment Sales Associates and Traders, Risk and Insurance Managers, Financial Managers, Investment Banking Associates, Management Consultants, Financial Analysts, Cash Managers, Investment Bankers, Chief Financial Officers, Accounting Managers and others.

Job Responsibilities Of A Finance MBA

The Finance degree lets a person analyze the financial situation of a company. The different sources of finance will be identified by them and they will also take steps to raise funds. The financial health of a company can make it capable to take decisions in regard to investments and strategic planning. One advantage of an MBA in Finance is the job opportunities that can be got in different sectors and the companies make an effort to recruit fresher and experienced people. With experience, a Finance MBA graduate can start a self venture because decision making capacity and leadership aptitude is ingrained in them.

Annual Packages One Can Expect

The pay scale depends on the B-school from where a person graduates. Normally, it is the Finance students that get the highest offers with the best pay packets in the industry. For an IIM graduate, the offer can be Rs 10-15 lakh per annum.  Financial analysts can get around Rs 4 lakh per annum and the Credit analysts will start with Rs 5-6 lakh per annum. With experience, the amount may go up to around Rs 20-30 lakh per annum. Management consultants can get a starting salary of around Rs 5-8 lakh per annum which may even go up to Rs 10-15 lakh per annum. What matters in the end is that a MBA in Finance will surely help one to get a budding career and become a successful career person in later life.