What Should All MBA Students Do?

Acquiring an MBA degree from a MBA School Kolkata with Best Placement has become one of the most competitive fields- it is today a professional course that attracts a major chunk of the youth population.  The demand is on a great rise. The collective process of completing the degree does not only accommodate the academic facet of it all but also rests on your indulgence in other factors- factors which add on to your personality and over all competence within the professional sphere.

  1. Dive into extra-curricular activities

Exploring your interests is integral to a business degree from a MBA college kolkata. It is essential for you to grab every opportunity that offers you an experience which could define you in the future! A business degree is never only about the grades or the digits you’ve managed to earn on paper but is also about the individual you become at the end of it. An MBA student should certain avail any chance that a B-School offers to grow at an individual level.

  1. Gain contacts rather than having a sluggish attitude

Gaining contacts through your 2-year course is perhaps the most important thing to you and the future that awaits you as throughout your degree you will come across lionized figures who might be your door to success in the years to come. Interacting with major business tycoons or fostering important friendships with your fellows comes off handy when you have to face the real world where practical support and guidance are primary to lead you towards a well-grounded career.

  1. Work on communication

All professionals are expected to have a verbal fluency as communication is one thing that does not only come from academic education but rather is a skill that dictates one’s credibility. If you flunk at communicating your ideas or your perspectives effectively within an organisation or for an organisation, you might end up stuck at a desk job that limits you when it comes to opportunities!

  1. Plan your own business already

Most MBA students dream of becoming entrepreneurs- crafting and running your own business is an alluring idea that requires immediate action. A business school offers all its resources to assist its students and it is the best time for the students to already make it to the big field for the guidance they might get as B-school students is exemplary as compared to the influence that might come after graduating. Not to mention, the brownie points you might gain amongst the big players in the business world is significant.

  1. Brush up on your practical knowledge

It is not a fact unknown that the professional world inevitably looks for professionals who maintain an awareness of how the business world works- the popular trends and the market, rather than students who have had perfect scores only for the sake of academia. Brushing up on your knowledge of the market serves you an upper hand in tackling the field with your perspective.



Why Do An MBA?

Aspirants today are faced with a wide range of career options to choose from and with large number of students looking to carve their own space or rather a niche in the world, a difficult competition takes the front seat and drives the educational market. Highly educated graduates coming from different domains of study often turn to the business world as their resort to carve their own space.

This inclination has had prominent reasons. A postgraduate degree from a top MBA college in Kolkata is a crucial pre-requisite to fruitfully launch oneself into the business niche. It grants the essential skill set which could assist the aspirants with business ethics and knowledge. Getting an MBA indeed is an expensive venture, but the returns are always guaranteed which is the silver lining of the undertaking.

Get The Desired Package

MBA graduates are known to ace 6-digit salaries, mostly much higher than the ones with ordinary university degrees. Both, the private and the public sector, offer boggling packages to Business school graduates and the difference in the salary as well as the growth graph are significantly beguiling.

Hassle-Free Flexibility

MBA students can opt for classroom hours based on their own convenience without having to compromise on their daily routine. An employed individual could preferably go for evening or weekend classes and complete the degree without having to resign and deregister from an annual income to support a lifestyle.

Networking Underpinning Growth

B-school students get the opportunity to register contacts with important faces within the business world. The influence runs from the present business leaders to the future business rulers. This networking goes a long way to ensure an ascending growth for the MBA graduates who step into the corporate field, having already met and schooled by all the prominent corporate leaders.

Become An Entrepreneur

If one wishes to establish their own company from scratch and run their own firm and be their own boss, an MBA course in Kolkata can serve as the initial impetus preparing the aspirant and making him/her eligible to embark into the journey.


Advantages Of A Management Degree


A management degree can add ample of opportunities to your career. Whether you’re looking to learn how to manage a small business or become part of a multinational corporation, a degree in management can be an effective choice when making career choices.

Here are five advantages of a Management Degree:

Versatile Career choices

With a management degree, there are many options you can turn to as a career. Almost any business requires management; you can become an assistant manager, office manager, a human resources director etc. Also, a management degree helps in overviewing many diverse fields like finance, accounting, marketing, which can give an amazing chance to shift your career path.


There are plenty of opportunities open for management degree holders in the workforce. This versatility in career choices can lead to more job security and less danger of unemployment or underemployment. The salary schemes are also satisfactory and can add a positive impact on your resume

International Ties

International ties have a huge impact on the management field. With a management degree, you can have a chance to explore the work field abroad as well, given the business ties of the company. These interactions can help in shaping the work experience of a person.

Boon in disguise

A career in management can be extremely rewarding. You can explore many different career types; you can also help guide others to a common goal. With a management degree, it is easier to get access to different facets of management field; you can choose the career field according to your own choice.

Get an opportunity to take the lead

It can be a small startup or a large corporation the manager takes the upper hand in decision making. With a management degree, you will be able to unite all the different parts of an organization like marketing, finance, sales etc. to create efficient whole planning

5 reasons why an MBA will be a good choice for you

Aspiring to take the management road?

There are a lot of decisions to be taken before pursuing the degree such as, is pursuing an MBA program offered by a business school abroad worth the time? Are the financial investment and the demanding entry requirements worth it?

Before making the decision, let us guide you with some valuable reasons as to why MBA will be a good choice for you,

  1. Management skills


An MBA degree can strengthen the management skill, candidates who with MBA are usually young professionals with a minimum of two years of work experience. There are certain seniors who apply for the degree as well for a better understanding of the field. MBA can help in specializing one’s skill in manufacturing, advertising, marketing, keeping the financial crisis on a check, maintaining the company’s positive image and coming out of the comfort zone.

  1. Higher salary schemes


The average salary for an MBA graduate is much higher than an employee’s with a regular Master’s. MBA degree holders have the advantage of receiving twice the benefit than a regular degree holder.

  1. Scope for growth


By earning an MBA, it is easier to gain a new perspective on how businesses are handled and get to live in a foreign country. This will broaden the candidate’s cultural horizon and your business career prospects.

  1. MBA can have a lasting effect upon credentials


As an MBA graduate it becomes easier to get recognition regardless of the location where one plans to build their career, an MBA degree will increase your business credibility.

  1. Versatility


The real advantage of an MBA is its proven versatility. With an MBA, one can pursue many careers and advance faster to better-paid jobs.


5 Ideas About Internship You Need To Disbelieve

Internships can be the ‘make it or break it’ factor when applying for a competitive job with several contenders. Internships give people, usually college students or new graduates, the opportunity to gain new skills and experience. It bridges the gap between a college education and actual work. College students can pick new skills and knowledge that aren’t readily available in the classroom.

Internships help students especially college students with an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in their field of expertise. An internship helps in bridging the gap between college work and actual work. Internships can create wonders in a candidate’s life as it shows them the reality of a workplace which in turn becomes a learning experience for them.

But there are certain misconceptions about internships which we need to avoid, here are 5 such one should overlook,


  1. Paid internships are more productive than unpaid




It is a commonly believed myth that a company who does not provide paid internships is not serious with the candidates, this is not true. We should keep in mind that a college student will not possess the intellect and skill that a full-time worker does. There are differences in experience which determine the decision of putting a price tag on the internships.


  1. Interns are taken for menial duties




One of the most commonly believed facts about the internship is that candidates are only given coffee and photocopying duties. There are certain learning experiences one can acquire through an internship. Internships focus on delivering learning programs so that the interns can improve upon their skills and get some new knowledge in the field which will later help them in their future endeavors.


  1. Only established companies have better opportunities



Students believe that only the internships provided by the bigger companies are worth joining. This statement is not true; as there are many small companies who provide internship opportunities and they are if not less much more meaningful and valuable in benefiting the students with mentorship abilities.


  1. Every internship are the same



Internships differ from company to company. Different companies have a different set of objectives, groups, roles in spite of being in the same field. These depend upon the rules and ambiance set in that particular space. Students applying for internships should be aware of the flexibility in different organizations.


  1. Only college students can apply for internships



High School students can also apply for internship programs. There are many companies where special internship opportunities are provided for students to have a clear picture of the job from beforehand. These opportunities are beneficial for the growth and skill development in the candidates.

Tips to ace the first job day

Starting a new job is like starting a new school. There are different things that one worries about whether they will be able to make new friends, which outfit will be the best choice, what if something goes wrong, these thoughts are normal and can happen to anyone.

Here are few tips which will keep you jitter-free on your first day,

  1. Be on time


Reaching office early can create a responsible, enthusiastic image in front of the boss. This will not only boost up your interest and confidence it will also create a successful base for your future.

  1. Ask questions


Interaction is very much important in the work field. If you have any query ask your co-workers, boss about it as the first week is the grace period during which your co-workers will be available for queries. This will also help you to establish a communicative flow with others in the office.

  1. Have a firm grip on your job role



Be confident with your job role and stay alert of what is expected from you. Take some time out and sit down with your boss, go over your job description, and ask about everything that’s unclear. You’ll find that it’ll make your work a lot easier, and your boss will be impressed with your proactive attitude.

  1. Focus on your job



It is always better to leave personal life at home. However tempting it may be, try to suppress the urge of going through your phone until your break. It’s crucial to make a good impression in your first week, and you’ll want to restrain from using your phone to take care of personal emails and social media pages.

  1. Greet everyone



It is normal to feel dejected during the first few days; working with hundreds of new faces can scare even the liveliest extrovert into a quiet person. But it’s important to try to overcome this shyness and introduce yourself to everyone. You will come across as confident and cheerful, and it’ll help you get started on the right foot.

Tips to Manage Your Time at Work

Leaving late from office surely doesn’t mean you are working hard or working more. It surely says that you are not managing your work and time properly. If you are an MBA student managing your time efficiently is one of the key skill you need to acquire. If you are struggling to complete your work and manage your time, here are the top 5 tips which will help you succeed.

To Do List


Most of us have many works which needs to be completed over the day. The best way to get them all done is by creating a ‘To Do List’. Yes, prepare a list so that you do not miss on important work. When you are done with the work, simply tick the list off your list to ensure a sincere execution of your work. Make it first thing in the morning and if there are any pending works from the previous day add it to your list so that the work is completed without any delay.

Technology Intrusion

Social media signs

One of the major reason for not being able to manage time efficiently is surely because of the intervention of technology. Yes, every day we receive mails, messages, phone calls and even whatsapp conversation, which often breaks the concentration while we are working. Even though communication is important, but you do not have to attend every phone call or mails immediately. Simply check your mail, whatsapp or phone calls every one or two hours to stay focused. And yes, avoid using social media at workplace to enhance your work efficiency.

Clutter Can Matter


If you are one of them whose table is a complete mess with files, papers and everything scattered on the desk, well you need to clear them. A cluttered desk can lead to low productivity as it often breaks the concentration of the person working on the desk. Finding an object, file or paper from a cluttered desk can also require a lot of time, hence cleaning and organizing your desk is very important for a productive day at work.

Learn to Prioritize

This is one of the utmost quality which you need to have to finish your work on time. You do not have to complete everything on the same day or at the first half of the day. Learn to prioritize your work and then start working on them. Stay focused and don’t let any new addition hassle you for an easy and perfect execution of the work.

Shut the Door


If you work in a cabin that people barge in now and then, it is okay to shut the door for some hours, especially if you are working on something that requires immense amount of concentration and focus.