Seminar On Interim Financial Budget 2014

Heritage Business School held a seminar on the Interim Financial Budget 2014 on 7th March 2014 at 3.00 p.m. The panel members were Dr. Alok Ray (Prof. Emeritus HBS), Dr. Paresh Chattopadhyay (ex – Professor, Burdwan University), and Mr. Anubrata Ganguly (practising Chartered Accountant).
Among the various topics discussed were the fiscal budget, direct and indirect taxes, vote of account, fiscal deficit, current account deficit, tax holidays, diesel and LPG pricing, impact of the budget on the individual.

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The programme coordinators were Prof. Sitangshu Khatua and Prof. Swagata Sengupta, and they were assisted by three second year students of HBS – Ms. Tanusree Saha, Ms. Palak Puri and Ms. Sucharita Sett.
In all it was a highly interesting, enlightening and interactive session and the objective of the session was successfully achieved.


MBA School Kolkata Heritage Business School Hosts Seminar on “WOMEN IN METRO-BREAKING THE GLASS CEILING”

Tuesday, 18th February 2014, 10:00 am, was unlike any other weekday morning for Heritage Business School (HBS) the corridors were overflowing with students and there was an air of business and zeal in it. Students, other than waiting for the lift, were running up and down the stairs. Work had already been divided but the last minute nitty-gritty still remained. collage Everybody was on their toes. From the faculty co-ordinator Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri to the student co-coordinators- Prerna Jain, Sreyasi Sengupta and Sucharita Sett all where in a fast forward mode, the reason? 18th February, 2014 was going to showcase a yearlong work and effort from the co-ordinators- The Seminar on WOMEN IN METRO-BREAKING THE GLASS CEILLING – a first of its kind seminar for The Heritage. HBS in collaboration with EDI (BNCCI) conducted this seminar. The seminar was scheduled from 2:00 pm and we at HBS understand that time is money and so valued it. The seminar was held in the auditorium of The Heritage School. The seminar was graced by Mrs Minu Budhia- Chief Guest of the event, Reshmi Chatterjee – The Guest of Honor and the panellist for the session were Miss Bratati Bandyopadhyay, Mrs Agnimitra Paul and Miss Urmi Basu. collage1 Each of the panellists poured in their life’s clipping. Ms. Bandyopadhya showed how passion can be turned into profession. Mrs. Agnimitra Paul said, “Despite having a focused mind life gave me extreme different opportunities and instead of complaining I grabbed every opportunity.” Ms. Urmi Basu spoke about self respect of women and also threw light on giving thought on those entrepreneurs who work at the grass root level rather than those in limelight. The objective of the discussion was gloriously achieved by creating a platform where successful and experienced entrepreneurial women shared their background, career path and life’s journey, to inspire and motivate others who wish to follow their path and more so to those who wish to carve their own path. 1653723_10203024581726311_1357196467_n It is true that no one’s life journey is same, but the result can be. As each panellist shared their journey, it felt as if they had re-emerged like the Phoenix, much wiser and more vibrant to take up challenges that lay ahead of them. Thus the session ended at an inspirational note, leaving us determined to make our mark in society as not only achievers but also as Game Changer