“No Place Is Safe Or Unsafe For Women” –An Event By Heritage Business School

A panel discussion on the topic “NO PLACE IS SAFE OR UNSAFE FOR WOMEN” was organized by Heritage Business School in the college premise on 17th of April, 2015. The audience witnessed an overwhelming discussion on ‘Safety of Women’ in the state and the country at large.

1Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri, Asst. Professor, HBS introduced the topic’s traditional and contemporary relevance. Prof. Malay Kumar Banerjee, Dean-HBS, welcomed the gathering with an intriguing speech and provided some alarming statistics on the intensity of sexual violence in the state.

Dr.Bula Bhadra, Professor in Sociology, University of Calcutta, focused on issues of female foeticide and discriminated domestic division of labour in Indian homes, till date. She conceived that ‘No place is safe for woman unless she is considered an individual entity and not just a woman’.

Dr.Paromita Chakraborty of Jadavpur University mentioned that mere installations of CC TV cameras, wearing well-covered clothes and carrying pepper spray does not guarantee women security. It only establishes a conditional safety, which is unfair. She said that ‘Ways in which we talk about women safety needs to be revised’.

2Dr.Bholanath Ghosh of ISI, Kolkata, said that ‘Women safety must be established in every aspect – social, political and economic. Women empowerment can be achieved in true sense through correction in the attitude of the male population in the society’.

Mrs.Urmi Basu, Social Activist and the founder of “New Light Foundation” a non-profitable organisation, stated ‘Safety is a thing we must create for ourselves. It is us who must take the society to a place where sexual abuse is no longer a part of our discussions. But the question remains, where do we want to see ourselves?’




5 Major Challenges In Entrepreneurship And How You Can Overcome Them

Most entrepreneurs are very happy at setting up their own business and they should be. However, they need to realize that maintaining a business is a bigger challenge for them. The good news is that there are many standard challenges facing all kinds of businesses, no matter what the type of the business.
245a7b2Most of them cater to getting the right people for the right job, developing the brand and so on. However, there are some common points that qualify as the five major challenges in entrepreneurship. In this article, we identify these challenges and give you the means to overcome them.

1. Depending on A Single Client:
Everybody loves a client who plays well and on time without any delay. However, if more than half your income is coming from a single client, then you’re in for trouble. This is because you are more of an independent contractor than a business owner whose income depends solely on the client in question.

In other words, all the risks that the single client faces while working gets shifted to your company and your employees and this can have an extremely detrimental effect if your client decides to stop funding you due to lack of work.
For the reasons mentioned above, it is essential that you have a diversified client base that can protect you for the unforeseen situation where the client stops paying as the work dries up. It is also important that you graduate from a sub-contractor to a business owner and hence,you should not depend on a single client.
2. Managing Your Money:
Managing your money and finances is essential for both your business and your life. If you don’t manage your money properly in either sphere, then there is most likely to be a capital drain on one of the sectors of your life that will put pressure on the other one.
In other words, cash is essential for every business and a shortage of money will kill your business in the nascent stages even before it is fully developed. The only way in which most business owners can avoid a shortfall in cash is by increasing their income by doing a part time job or saving enough money while they are doing a salaried job so that they can then invest it in their business.
Another thing to keep in mind is that as the company grows the level of complexity in bookkeeping and accountancy for your business also grows. It is always better to seek professional help while doing this business as it gives you the required productivity and expertise that can make it grow to the highest levels.

3. Fatigue and Tiredness:
Most business owners spend much longer hours of their work in the office and this can result in fatigue and tiredness. No matter how passionate you might be about your business, the long hours of work can drain out the most motivated individual.
Added to this is the fact that most entrepreneurs are afraid to take a break from work as they feel that the business may slack or stall in their absence. This prevents them from taking a break from work so that they can recharge and get rid of their fatigue.

The key trick here is to take short breaks whenever necessary and let the work be done by a couple of trusted employees so that not only do you get a break from work, but you also gauge the capability and responsibility of your employees and give them the chance to work independently without your help and supervision.

4. Depending on the Solo Founder:
Many businesses suffer from founder dependence in the sense that the moment the founder leaves, the business starts sinking. A very apt example would be Infosys when the business started losing steam after Narayana Murthy left and he had to return to work as he was concerned about his business.
It is not just Infosys, but a majority of companies suffer from this problem. The only solution to this is delegating the reins of the business to other people although this is easier said than done. Even though there will inevitably be a compromise in the quality of the business, still there will be an improvement on the business in the long run and will make it independent of the founder.

15. Getting the Perfect Balance:
Every entrepreneur needs to get the perfect balance between mass scale production & meticulous quality inspection and this is where they need to get the perfect balance.  There is a middle ground between shabby work and perfectionism and the business owner needs to walk down the Middle Way as mentioned by Lord Buddha in order to get absolute success.

Thus, we have discussed the major challenges in entrepreneurship and have given solutions to these problems that can be implemented very easily.

Heritage Business School Organizes Conclave On Cultural Cooperation Among SAARC Countries

Heritage Business School had recently organized a conclave on the February 24, 2015 at Heritage Campus. The theme of the conclave was education and cultural cooperation between SAARC countries.

2The Governor Inaugurates the Function

5Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, the Honorable Governor of West Bengal was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He inaugurated the function with much fanfare. The Governor appreciated the efforts of the Business School and said that the school has been mentoring and has taken pains in preparing students for the corporate world. The social responsibilities of the school were highlighted along with the fact that they are giving high quality education at affordable prices.

3The focus was on removing illiteracy in the SAARC region by providing the opportunity for technical and managerial education that can give an onus to students to cherish and realize their dreams. The aim is to have student exchange and feedback among the students so that there can be better exchange of ideas and responsibilities among the member countries.

A Panel Discussion

1In the light of the above, there was a panel discussion that was held with eminent members from all around the region including Sri Lanka and Bhutan. This panel discussion enabled students from across the country to find satisfactory answers to all their queries. This discussion reflected the importance of deliberation so as to achieve people’s aims and objectives as far as education in management is concerned.

The Exchange of Ideas

Speaking on the above lines, a spokesperson for Heritage Business School said that the school endeavors to provide innumerable exchange programmers that give the students exposure to the various activities that are going on around the world and provide them will the necessary knowhow that will help them in their future careers.


Cultural Cooperation

The focus of this conclave was on cultural cooperation between SAARC Countries and this was reflected in the fact that there were dignitaries from around the region. The South Asian countries have a history of cultural similarity and this fact needs to be reflected in the connections between the member countries. All in all, the conclave was a huge success and the efforts of the business school in helping and mentoring its students needs to be appreciated.