Teachers Day Celebration at Heritage Business School

Heritage Business School celebrated on campus Teacher’s Day-2015. The teachers were in for a big treat organized by the students, which they had prepared for over 1 week. The beginning of the event was marked with lighting of the lamp by honourable Prof. K.K. Chaudhury, Adviser-HBS and Prof. Malay Banerjee, Dean-HBS. This was followed by Saraswati Vandana performed by first year students.


There were various performances by the students. Some amongst them were the dance forms of India told in a story format, skit depicting Corruption in India, band performances etc.

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The teachers were also asked to participate in Quiz which they sportingly did and the winners were given prizes. The students surprised the teachers with a pencil sketch of each and every teacher.

All students who had scored 8.0 points and above in the university semester exams were presented with DEAN’s CERTIFICATE. The end of the show was the icing on the cake where every teacher was presented with trophies based on their most upright character traits and the teachers welcomed it with open arms.