3 Sure Shot Interview Tips To Crack An Interview

Interviews are a nerve wracking affair and one has to be fully prepared in order to top an interview and bag that dream job. While there are tips galore in the market on how to crack an interview, here are 3 tips that you can follow.

Appear Prepared And Interested To The Interviewer

When you appear for an interview, it is very important that you attend it with full preparation. Keep a bag well stocked with pen, paper, notebook, multiple copies of resume and questions that you would like to ask the interviewer. Interviews start with asking for the resume and you can remove a well kept one from your portfolio.

Next step is to make the interviewer feel that they are saying something important that you are writing down. Even if you think you can remember all the points later on, note them down so that you do not just stare at each other across the table. However do not keep your head down all the time

Take A Conversational Approach

One sided conversation where the employer asks you question and you just answer them are very monotonous and putting off. Rather do quality research so that you can talk about yourself, about the company you are applying for and the latest trends in your field in the industry.

Never be afraid to ask questions because unless and until you clear your doubts about your prospective employee, apprehensions will never fade away. Employees prefer intelligent, quick witted and affable employees rather than those who are grim and not eager to know about the roles they may play in the organization.

Dress Well

This point is irrelevant for those who always like to dress well. However, for those people who are not in the nattily dressed club, the point assumes significance. It is not necessary to wear expensive clothes but they should be clean, proper and wrinkle free. Remember to look modern but not too modern. Footwear should not be torn or frayed and apply some fragrance which is not very overpowering either.

These are the top three tips that can help you to crack an interview and not get rejected in the first round. Other than these, it is your knowledge, personality and impression that will help you to go ahead.



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