Time Management, Top 7 Tips

Few Important Tips on How to Manage Time Effectively

Time management is a thing we all want to learn. There are few ways to manage time in a proper and effective manner to make it more productive because we all have 24 hours to spend, not a single second more than that.

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Itemize Work

Prepare a list of the tasks you need to complete in a single day. The tasks need immediate attention will be marked as red in your task book. Take the first 30 minutes of your day to make this plan. Do not forget to put scheduled time for each task.

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Balance Your Effort

Work on small parts everyday and give priority to the important tasks first. Concentrate on the work is in your hand so that it does not lose focus. Once the day’s task is complete, mark them and start next day’s task. Proceeding in this manner will help you to finish the given task before the targeted time.

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Delegate Tasks

The art of delegating works to your subordinates as per their skills and abilities come next. As we tend to take more tasks than our potential, we often make blunder which can result in stress and wasting essential energy. If we learn proper delegation, our productivity will not be affected.

Learn To Say No

Multitasking is an effective way of getting things done but the truth is that you shine better when you focus and concentrate on one thing. Multitasking sans productivity, thus you should learn to refuse politely to accept additional tasks especially when you are overburdened with work.

Put Deadlines

Set a realistic deadline for your work and try to stick with it. All the distractions like, unnecessary phone calls and the social media can be put aside until you finish the assigned work in given time.

Start Early

Starting your day early will give you time to sit, think and plan for the day. When you get up early, you are more calm and creative and as the day progresses our energy level decreases gradually which drastically affects your productivity.


Avoid Stress

Learn effective stress management procedures at the best MBA School Kolkata, HBS. Stress makes us tired and affects our productivity. We should indulge us a break of 10 to 15 minutes in between works and use the time in listening music or talking to some near and dear ones to boost up our energy level and increase efficiency.


Real Facts You Need To Know While Doing An MBA

One of the most lucrative career options that is currently taking the market by storm is Master’s of Business Administration or an MBA. Be it the career prospects or the salary that an MBA graduate can command, all these are together helping the best MBA school Kolkata has in attracting the best academic brains to this field. While the advantages of doing an MBA are many, there are some disadvantages as well.

The Sometimes Prohibitive Cost

The cost of an MBA is quite high and most students take an educational loan to fund their course fees. However, even though an MBA is a sure ticket to a high flying job, sometimes the student may not get a job that they had desired in the first place. It is in such situation that the MBA that one did in a MBA college in Kolkata becomes a liability.

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Time Is A Constrain

A full time MBA takes a minimum of 2 years and if it is being pursued by a person who is employed, it may take up to eight years to finish the course. This can affect the job you are pursuing or even lead to non-completion of the degree in itself. Therefore, before you go ahead, consider all the pros and cons carefully.

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Job Experience Matters

Here we will discuss about pursuing an MBA after gaining some years of experience. When you are a fresh out of college graduate then it may not be so easy for you to grasp the finer details of an MBA and just rely of bookish knowledge. However, when it comes to those with prior job experiences, the difference in salary package gets reflected greatly.

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Curb On Creative Thinking

Sadly but truly, the education gained during an out and out MBA course can lead to curbing of creativity in a person. On top of that, some of the MBA courses are not specialized enough to ready a person to deal in a particular industry.

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While we have talked about some of the disadvantages that come with pursuing an MBA, it is equally true that an MBA degree in today’s world can open up many doors for you and help you to forge ahead in life. Of course, for this you have to go through the list of AICTE approved MBA colleges in Kolkata and take admission in them.