How to Know Which MBA College is Right For You

Selecting the right college for your MBA can be quite challenging. Many institutions promise a lot at the time of admission, but do not have much to offer in practice. Pay heed to the details given in the college prospectus before making the final decision. Here are some ways you can try in order to make the right choice:


A sound faculty is very important to a college. Check the credentials of the faculty members before you opt for the college. It shouldn’t be like the faculty members is full of ex-students.

Good placements

Good faculty and a well-drafted curriculum can only assure you as much. You need to know and evaluate what kind of companies come to the college for placements. Also, how many placements are conducted very year.

You should know if the college ropes in only local companies or goes for international MNCs as well. The latter will give you a better exposure.

Also, see if the college gives you ample opportunities for internships in good companies as they count during your placement.

Alumni feedback

Former students can be your best bet to know more about the college. The prospectus will always give you a rosy picture. Approach the ex-students to know about other details such as the learning environment, hostel facility and faculty interaction. Pay attention to how the rate the college. Go to the campus and talk to them or catch up with them on social media.

Quality of students

It is important to know the kind of students they admit every year. If the college opt for the cream layer, it can be a sign that the college is roping in good talent.

Look at the college ranking

Always check the ranking of the college you are opting for. Scan the popular academic websites and popular newspapers to see if the college features in their list. Also, see if the college is internationally accredited.

Financial aids

Financial aids and scholarships can help you great deal as funding got MBA is quite expensive. a good college will always offer financial help for its students.

Colleges often project a handsome annual salary package in their prospectus to attract prospective students. But, do consider the above mentioned points before you decide further.