Various Types Of Managerial Styles

There are many different types of managers. Some are liberal, others love to micro manage and a few others are downright dictatorial. No matter who your boss is, very few employees have the expertise to find out and classify the different managerial styles. This is what you need to know.

Every manager has his or her managerial style that blends with their personalities. The Hitlerian boss will be autocratic, the lenient boss will be judged as friendly and sweet and the rude boss will be feared and avoided as much as possible.

The Autocratic Manager

This is a very common style of managing people especially in a traditional country like India. Here what the boss says is right and the onus is totally on the employee to keep up and meet his or her demands. The manager is not at all concerned about the employee’s welfare but is more interested in fulfilling his ego.

This style has serious adverse repercussions on the work as well as the human resources of the company because people get fed up and quit their jobs resulting in high attrition rates and this augurs badly for the talent pool lost by the company.

The Human Resources of the company goes on overdrive as far as recruitment is concerned and if this autocratic manager does not get along with other managers then this further complicates the problem. In other words, this is a very bad style of management and needs to be avoided and suppressed at all costs.

The Permissive Manager

This is the manager whom everybody loves because of his lenient and sweet nature. He is very liberal and gives you leave to do whatever you want as long as your work is completed. He builds friendly and cordial relations with all the people and ensures that there is a healthy working relationship.

He also builds relations with other managers and ensures that there is a spirit of teamwork and cohesion among all members of the multifarious departments. He is called the permissive manager because he gives permission to all the people to carry out their activities without interruption.

Every organization loves to have this manager. However, there are some unscrupulous employees who wish to take advantage of this situation and shirk work as far as possible. If there are too many such employees, then the quality of work will be affected and the organization may suffer.

The Authoritative Manager

This is the ideal manager whom every organization wants to have. This is because he is very much like the permissive manager. The only difference is that he knows how to get things done if unscrupulous elements take advantage and knows how to get such people back in line.

This makes him overcome the disadvantages of the permissive manager keeping all the positive traits of liberty and friendliness intact. However, he is called as the authoritative manager as he knows how to show authority, be firm and enforce discipline when the situation demands it. This makes him the preferred manager across various kinds of organizations.

Thus, these three types of managers encompass the entire spectra of different managerial styles. Now you know more about their classification.


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