Tips for Internship

Graduates today face the toughest problem when looking for a job due to the increasing competition and a diminishing  number of graduate opportunities. It is important to have an internship on your CV before leaving university; this will show the prospective employers that you have a professional experience and you are committed to your career with some knowledge of the industry that you’d like to work in.

First internships are hard to get but the experience is extremely important to determine what you will be expecting in an office environment. Let’s go through some tips for a rocking internship.

Be punctual


Punctuality is highly expected during an internship, try to make a positive impact the second you step your foot in the door. This is especially expected during the first days of internship and throughout in general. You’ll be much more respected as an intern if you arrive earlier than the reporting time and leave around the same time, if not later, than everyone else, because you’re going above and beyond the minimum requirement.

Get to know others


Take the first week in hand to build relationships with your fellow interns and co-workers. Meet everyone and anyone you can and begin a conversation about their position, background, and experience at the company.

Stay organized


Staying organized is the key to being productive. Whether you have any project in hand during the first week or not, organize simple tasks to stay focused. Make sure to complete any tasks you may need to do to get you started like setting up your computer or desk or filling out forms. This will help you to keep your tasks simplified and remove error later on.

Employ resources


Take advantage of the resources around you. Build strong connection with the ones who stood in your shoes before and gain industry knowledge from the finest. Learning from others will broaden your knowledge of the organization and industry, as well as show how collaboration plays a key role in everything.

Stay positive


No matter how your internship goes, try to stay positive throughout. Wearing a smile on your face, especially during your first week, shows everyone in the company that you deserve to be there and that most importantly, you want to be there. So make sure you have a positive attitude while hustling.