5 Mistakes to Avoid if You are Aspiring for MBA


Now is the time to focus on career. Gone are the times when people used to study and most of them eventually landed in a job to earn their livelihood. Every kid, every student today has a focus in their life and dreams which they wish to achieve.   If we take a look at the career scenario in the present time, MBA seem to be the most lucrative and promising career. If you are planning to start your journey as an MBA, you need to avoid these 5 mistakes.

The Secret Might Lie in the Group Discussion


We often cram and study and focus more on the written examination. But most of the best business schools focus mostly on the group discussion when selecting their students. This not only helps them understand the oratory and presentation skill of the candidate but will also help them understand and explore the candidate’s insights for an extempore topic.

Market Awareness

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For an MBA student, it is important to be aware of the market scenario, for that is the secret ladder to success. Study the current market and economy dynamics as it will help you in group discussions and personal interviews as well.

 Running Behind Every Exam


While you might feel that appearing for every exam might secure your admission, but being focussed is the key. Make a list of the institutions which you aim to be a part of and then start preparing for the entrance exams.



Deciding on the entrance exam can be quite a task. While many believe that CAT is more important and will pave a better opportunity, but in reality, MAT should also be given an equal importance as this exam offers a wide range of B-schools even if your score is not sky-high.

 Check the Reputation


While there may be many B-schools in your city with attractive offers and ad campaigns, but being an aspiring Management student, you must have the ability to judge the right MBA school. Choose your school based on the reputation and not on some promising advertisements.


How to Write A Killer Resume

A good resume is like potential energy, the compliments of a name on paper, in documents, word of mouth, whether you are writing it for the first time or updating for the umpteenth time, be sure you are keeping no stones unturned to make it crisp, peppy and happening.

Congruent Value

When it comes for a job, compatibility value of the resume can be the most important tool. Nobody has endless time to check a resume from the root level so it should be interesting in such a way that no important points can go unnoticed.



Key points should be jotted down here encompassing each part of your resume as you go ahead with the steps. You must highlight the job type you are looking for. Your field of work will come here prioritizing this space in the resume.



This place contains your name, permanent and present address, contact number(s), E mail address, web address and your social networking profiles; which will come next to establishment or introduction.

Job Objectives

The process works keenly on what you have within you to offer to the employers. Though it is optional to have a job objective in your resume but it can however be very useful in some cases such as,

a) If you are making a major change in your career

b) If you are applying for a specific job.

Summary of Qualifications- Your education is important because with only a few words you can show an employer the depth of your potential. If the other parts of your resume are ignored, this part is the only one an employer looks into the most. You should write about your achievements putting a sub heading that will come next to qualification. Do a little research to write this part and you must not miss out even a mere point.

Key Words And Format

Employers or recruiters search for key words and so put lots of that if you want to be found as key words give important information about the job seeker. Ex: Management skills, Work history etc. The format should catch the eye of the recruiters on an instance; it must be in Chronological, Functional or Combination order.


Your MBA School in kolkata with best placement will give you innumerable job offers; remember that a proper resume can play a pivotal role in grabbing a good job. Compile your hobby, the languages you know and your CSR activities in your resume maintaining a correct length.

How to Be An Effective Manager: Know The Top Tips

Managers are the pillars that create and maintain thriving working force for their company. Engaging and motivating fellow mates to success and inspiring them to follow a greater company vision is not an easy task to do. A good manager is an asset to any company who possesses few characteristics.


MBA School Kolkata with Best Placement, HBS always thrives to evaluate leadership quality in their students, the ability to direct, motivate and lead is imperative to a team’s success. There are many characteristics that are entailed in this specific quality; experience, skills, responsibility, intelligence are few of them. A true leader never back off from directing from the forefront. A good managerial skill drives the master task maker towards obtaining goals. Being result oriented makes the good manager more ambitious, always striving to break records to make a new one.


Positive Attitude

Assertiveness is the second best quality a good manager should possess. Backing off while confronting any problem without mentioning self opinion is the most important negative trait of a manager. Good managers are not afraid to face any problem from the forefront. He should remember not to be an authoritarian and not to take any impulsive decisions without consulting others. Positive attitude brings energy along with it that sets pace for the day. An effective manager does not stroll but run up the stairs.



According to the point of view of Best MBA College Kolkata HBS, the ability to delegate is one of the most important qualities of a good manager. Being able to delegate does not only make an efficient manager but can create a productive team. The members of the team will feel motivated and empowered if given additional responsibilities.

Communication Skills

Frequent communication is very important for a good team to work effectively, thus a manager should be proactive to initiate a series of positive liaison with his teammates. A good manager is a classic communication expert; he can create an environment where everyone feels comfortable only with his great orator ship.

Business Communication Duplicate model

It can be said that a great manager knows when to hold certain situations lightly as well as when to drive certain situation with urgency. Managerial skills cannot be written in books; it is built by individual and then is dismantled situation wise and then again built with some other bricks.


What is special about placement at HBS

Heritage Business School is the MBA School Kolkata with Best Placement, by every means that has an outstanding Faculty that allows the students to learn live that enhance not only the placement opportunity but make them ready to face the job industry. Many stalwarts have interacted with the students in the past and the legacy continues as the eminent dignitaries visit the institute as guest visitors and enrich the students with valuable advice.

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Full Time Management Programs

HBS offers the 2 year full time post graduate program that gives the students a holistic view of management principles through theoretical and practical methodology. The eminent faculty, who are the alumnus of IIMs, XLRI and IIT are always eager to help the students with vast experience and knowledge.

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The Value of The Degree That HBS Provides

The alumnus of HBS are awarded an MBA degree from a recognized university that is approved by U.G.C. Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India so students are rest assured that the MBA program they receive from the top MBA College Kolkata, is recognized world over.

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HBS, best MBA placements in Kolkata has a legacy of international placements of more than 10% and that is the reason, this school retained its reputation as amongst the best MBA institutes in Asia and so renowned companies have recruited numerous eligible candidates from HBS. Every year more than hundred companies provide placements to the students of this institute.

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The Advantages

Along with a well equipped library, the academically excellent environment in the campus helps students to excel in their respective fields. Being one of the top ten MBA Colleges in Kolkata HBS is continuing the legacy of providing the best management education through its outstanding faculty and integrated coursework. This institute helps its students in every way possible to take out their best and provides support with innovative business ideas to start their own venture.

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The past scenario, present environment and future prospect of this eminent institute tell the story of success only and thus this institute effectively goes on keeping the same legacy for so many years in Kolkata’s futuristic field of education.

Five Must Know Techniques for A Job Interview

A complete knowledge about the company and your role should be crystal clear in your mind before facing an interview panel. As we all know that the first impression in the last one so smart dressing and modesty are the match winners whereas overconfidence and aggressiveness will surely spoil the broth. The steps that are there to help you to crack a job interview are as follows.

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The Expectation

There are many interview types like telephonic, video, panel, group, one-to-one, assessment etc. First make sure about your interview type- call your recruiter if you are unsure about it. What forms or tasks you will be given or how many rounds you have to cover should be specifically mentioned in your interview letter. Suppose you have applied for the faculty position in MBA School Kolkata with Best Placement, such as HBS, the interview involves tasks like demo classes. The institute will assess the candidature in a range of situations and the process will last for more than one day.

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The Preparation

A good planning is required while preparing for a job interview. A list of anticipated questions and probable answers should be ready with you. A legitimate explanation for the reasons of leaving your present employer is a must. Understanding your role in detail and the skills and experience the employer is looking for should be crystal clear to both sides. Go through the company profile, read the brochures, see the web site, visit the social media profile to get ideas about the company.

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What to Take

You must carry your updated CV, interview call letter, photo copies of documents, address of the Organization, your certificates, ID, pen and note pad, cell phone and a bottle of water with you.

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The Impression

Answer the questions clearly without exaggerating. Enthusiastically ask small thought provoking questions to the panel as this can show your interest in the job. Avoid talking about personal problems. Your etiquette and manner are mirrors to your personality so work on these fields. Wear smart business attire along with polished shoes.

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Take Control of Your Nerves

Do small exercises before facing the panel as it will burn off negativity. Think about positive and encouraging experiences of your life. Do not speak quickly- rather take time before answering any questions. Visualize yourself in complete control during the interview. Nerves can make you forget to do simple things so take control of it before it takes control of you.

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Let Us Hear Again Why Heritage Business School Is the Best Among All

Heritage Business School, formerly known as Management Education Centre and a MBA school Kolkata with Best Placement has been a name to reckon with since it was established in 2003. The principle endeavor of HBS has been to create young, intelligent and intellectual business managers who can guide themselves and their company to the pinnacle of success and achieve the very zenith of achievements.

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Course At Heritage Business School

HBS offer a 2 year full time MBA programme and it is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). There are four semesters and while the first year is dedicated to the compulsory courses, the second year is all about the compulsory and specialization course. The specializations offered at HBS are Finance Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management and Systems Management. The MBA programme is also approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Government of India and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal (MAKAUTWB) awards the Post Graduate Degree.

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Infrastructure And Placement

The two important things which are essential to pursue an MBA course – infrastructure and placement are top of the class at HBS. Infrastructure wise, there are classroom and tutorial rooms, cheap store, computer centre, hostels, GD and PI rooms, canteen, library, sports facility and seminar hall.

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When it comes to placements, HBS is right at the top of the list the companies make while visiting the top 10 MBA college in Kolkata. The students have the opportunity of placements and internship in both India and abroad. Moreover, they get to know real life experiences through the campus visitations made by eminent personalities both related to the corporate sector and others. In fact, HBS has been graced by the presence of former President Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Some of the companies where HBS students are placed are Johnson and Johnson, Accenture, Berger Paints, American Express, ICICI and many others.

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HBS was and still is one of the foremost names in the field of private MBA college in Kolkata. Considering the excellent educational quality provided here, it is not surprising that the college has established a firm reputation for itself.

Time Management, Top 7 Tips

Few Important Tips on How to Manage Time Effectively

Time management is a thing we all want to learn. There are few ways to manage time in a proper and effective manner to make it more productive because we all have 24 hours to spend, not a single second more than that.

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Itemize Work

Prepare a list of the tasks you need to complete in a single day. The tasks need immediate attention will be marked as red in your task book. Take the first 30 minutes of your day to make this plan. Do not forget to put scheduled time for each task.

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Balance Your Effort

Work on small parts everyday and give priority to the important tasks first. Concentrate on the work is in your hand so that it does not lose focus. Once the day’s task is complete, mark them and start next day’s task. Proceeding in this manner will help you to finish the given task before the targeted time.

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Delegate Tasks

The art of delegating works to your subordinates as per their skills and abilities come next. As we tend to take more tasks than our potential, we often make blunder which can result in stress and wasting essential energy. If we learn proper delegation, our productivity will not be affected.

Learn To Say No

Multitasking is an effective way of getting things done but the truth is that you shine better when you focus and concentrate on one thing. Multitasking sans productivity, thus you should learn to refuse politely to accept additional tasks especially when you are overburdened with work.

Put Deadlines

Set a realistic deadline for your work and try to stick with it. All the distractions like, unnecessary phone calls and the social media can be put aside until you finish the assigned work in given time.

Start Early

Starting your day early will give you time to sit, think and plan for the day. When you get up early, you are more calm and creative and as the day progresses our energy level decreases gradually which drastically affects your productivity.


Avoid Stress

Learn effective stress management procedures at the best MBA School Kolkata, HBS. Stress makes us tired and affects our productivity. We should indulge us a break of 10 to 15 minutes in between works and use the time in listening music or talking to some near and dear ones to boost up our energy level and increase efficiency.