Induction Program MBA 14 (Batch 2016-14)

The inaugural function for the Induction Programme of the 14th Batch of MBA students was conducted on July 11, 2016 by Heritage Business School – one of the leading Business Schools in the country as rated by several rating agencies like Higher Education Review, Business Standard, Business Today, Sun, Digital Learning and Outlook.

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In his speech, Shri Sanjay Budhia, one of the leading Industrialists of the country exhorted the students to dream and plan their career keeping in mind the environment. He drew upon his personal experiences and advised the students not to be afraid of failures. Shri Viresh Oberoi, CEO and MD of M-Junction Services Ltd. welcomed the students, outlined the main qualities equired by Managers and advised them to fully utilize the excellent infrastructure facilities and the vast knowledge both theoretical and practical of the Faculty of Heritage business School to shape their future. Shri Mohit Kampani, MD, Spencers advised the students to be Entrepreneurs and thus be job givers rather than job seekers. This is also in line with the Prime Minister’s dream of taking India to the next higher level of competence and excellence.

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Prof. Malay Kumar Banerjee, Dean, Heritage Business School emphasized  the need to be updated on the latest developments internationally and take advantage of the tailor-made programmes of Heritage Business School to become internationally accepted resources in their functional areas.

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A total of 180 students and their parents attended this Inaugural Function which was held at the Heritage Campus on July 11, 2016.



Heritage Business School Makes A Mark With Its Summer Placements

One of the most important criteria for choosing an MBA college in Kolkata is how good the placement is. In this regard, Heritage Business School has always come up trumps. Every year, scores of students are passing out of the business college and are getting placed in some of the most sought after companies in Kolkata and outside. It is definitely one of the best MBA school Kolkata has and other than the placements, the infrastructure, curriculum and faculty are bests of the class.

Major Recruiters At Heritage Business School

Because of its excellent academic acumen and the knowledgeable students, the companies make a beeline for HBS. Some of the best companies to come are Dabur India Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, Confederation of Indian Industry, Colgate Palmolive, KPMG, Century Ply, ABP Ltd, SREI Infrastructure, Reliance Group, Infosys, Emami Ltd, PWC – SDC, Keventer Group, Patton India, Johnson and Johnson, Accenture, American Express, Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Apollo Tyres Ltd, HDFC Bank, Federal Bank, MRF, Vodafone, Snap Deal, Sony India, Airtel, Future Retail, Janalakshmi Financial Services, WIPRO, Nestle India, ICICI and many of the others.

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Interaction With The Company Honchos

Heritage Business School understands the importance of maintaining good contact with the companies in the market. They interact and regularly invite some of the best industry leaders so that they came to visit the campus and enlighten the students for their future career endeavors. These companies visit the campus during placements and depending on the organizational requirements, inclinations and student profile are selected by the companies.

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Summer Placements Opportunities At HBS

The summer placement options at HBS is extremely good. HBS takes special interest in order to ensure that the students get internships with the best of the companies. Not only in India, there is facility for internship projects in foreign companies.

These summer placements enable the students to get practical and hands on experience regarding the business environment they will face in a real world scenario.

All in all, Heritage Business School is among the top 5 MBA college in Kolkata and their acumen and placement opportunity is a fitting reward for the excellent student quality of the institute.



5 Tips To Save Your Salary

Given the current scenario of economic recession saving is a must. However, saving is not an easy task – there are many among us who happen to spend almost all their salaries if not most of it. So, how to save at least a minimum amount in your salary? In this article we give you five stellar tips which would allow you to save your salary.


  • Try to spend less than you earn. This, though easy to say is difficult to implement, especially for impulsive buyers. The best way to go about it is to steel yourself and make a mental resolve that whatever the situation is you will not overspend and will stop at your limits. You can keep a note with this message at your purse which you can see every time you take out your purse to shop.
  • Don’t forget to dedicate a specific amount of your paycheck to a savings account. Arrange so that this amount is taken off from your pay every month; this forced saving would be handy for you when you face any unprecedented crisis.


  • Try to avoid paying bills with credit cards if you have a problem to pay off the credit card immediately. Keep a watch on your credit card. The biggest disadvantage of credit cards is that they encourage you to spend the money that you don’t have. So it’s better to use your wallet for paying bills than a credit card.
  • If you are a compulsive shopper try to opt for deals; keep a look out when you get bargain sales as you can save a lot of money in that fashion. Know what you want to buy – make sure you have a shopping list with you when you go shopping and stick to that. This will help you save a lot of money which otherwise you would have spent on buying useless items.


  • Do not shop on days in which you are stressed. Working women in India have a tough time balancing their house and work- this often results in inordinate stress. Such stressful days are bad days to shop and try to avoid such days when shopping.

Finally invest smart. You cannot work at a same pace every week as eventually you will become old and feeble. So invest right to get returns when you are not working any more at the same capacity.

Teachers Day Celebration at Heritage Business School

Heritage Business School celebrated on campus Teacher’s Day-2015. The teachers were in for a big treat organized by the students, which they had prepared for over 1 week. The beginning of the event was marked with lighting of the lamp by honourable Prof. K.K. Chaudhury, Adviser-HBS and Prof. Malay Banerjee, Dean-HBS. This was followed by Saraswati Vandana performed by first year students.


There were various performances by the students. Some amongst them were the dance forms of India told in a story format, skit depicting Corruption in India, band performances etc.

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The teachers were also asked to participate in Quiz which they sportingly did and the winners were given prizes. The students surprised the teachers with a pencil sketch of each and every teacher.

All students who had scored 8.0 points and above in the university semester exams were presented with DEAN’s CERTIFICATE. The end of the show was the icing on the cake where every teacher was presented with trophies based on their most upright character traits and the teachers welcomed it with open arms.

Micro 2015-2nd International Conference On Microelectronics,Circuits And Systems

The 2nd International Conference titled ‘MICRO – 2015’ on ‘Microelectronics, Circuits and Systems’ was organized at Hotel Peerless INN on 11th and 12th July, 2015 by the International Association of Science, Technology and Management.


It was a 2-Day program where more than 100 professors, scientists and engineers had gathered to present their research papers on the theme of the conference.


The program was inaugurated by chief guest Prof. P. Neelakantaswamy, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, USA and graced by dignitaries like Prof. Soumya Pandit, Univ. of Calcutta and Chairman of IEEE-EDS, Kolkata Chapter, Prof. Dulal Acharjee, General Chair, MICRO-2015 and senior professors from Univ. of Jadavpur, Univ. of Shibpur, Univ. of Kalyani etc. Prof. Sanghamitra Brahma, Assistant Professor, Heritage Business School, Kolkata conducted and moderated the inaugural session, which focused on the significance and scope for research in the field.

“No Place Is Safe Or Unsafe For Women” –An Event By Heritage Business School

A panel discussion on the topic “NO PLACE IS SAFE OR UNSAFE FOR WOMEN” was organized by Heritage Business School in the college premise on 17th of April, 2015. The audience witnessed an overwhelming discussion on ‘Safety of Women’ in the state and the country at large.

1Dr. Rimu Chaudhuri, Asst. Professor, HBS introduced the topic’s traditional and contemporary relevance. Prof. Malay Kumar Banerjee, Dean-HBS, welcomed the gathering with an intriguing speech and provided some alarming statistics on the intensity of sexual violence in the state.

Dr.Bula Bhadra, Professor in Sociology, University of Calcutta, focused on issues of female foeticide and discriminated domestic division of labour in Indian homes, till date. She conceived that ‘No place is safe for woman unless she is considered an individual entity and not just a woman’.

Dr.Paromita Chakraborty of Jadavpur University mentioned that mere installations of CC TV cameras, wearing well-covered clothes and carrying pepper spray does not guarantee women security. It only establishes a conditional safety, which is unfair. She said that ‘Ways in which we talk about women safety needs to be revised’.

2Dr.Bholanath Ghosh of ISI, Kolkata, said that ‘Women safety must be established in every aspect – social, political and economic. Women empowerment can be achieved in true sense through correction in the attitude of the male population in the society’.

Mrs.Urmi Basu, Social Activist and the founder of “New Light Foundation” a non-profitable organisation, stated ‘Safety is a thing we must create for ourselves. It is us who must take the society to a place where sexual abuse is no longer a part of our discussions. But the question remains, where do we want to see ourselves?’



Heritage Business School Organizes Conclave On Cultural Cooperation Among SAARC Countries

Heritage Business School had recently organized a conclave on the February 24, 2015 at Heritage Campus. The theme of the conclave was education and cultural cooperation between SAARC countries.

2The Governor Inaugurates the Function

5Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, the Honorable Governor of West Bengal was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He inaugurated the function with much fanfare. The Governor appreciated the efforts of the Business School and said that the school has been mentoring and has taken pains in preparing students for the corporate world. The social responsibilities of the school were highlighted along with the fact that they are giving high quality education at affordable prices.

3The focus was on removing illiteracy in the SAARC region by providing the opportunity for technical and managerial education that can give an onus to students to cherish and realize their dreams. The aim is to have student exchange and feedback among the students so that there can be better exchange of ideas and responsibilities among the member countries.

A Panel Discussion

1In the light of the above, there was a panel discussion that was held with eminent members from all around the region including Sri Lanka and Bhutan. This panel discussion enabled students from across the country to find satisfactory answers to all their queries. This discussion reflected the importance of deliberation so as to achieve people’s aims and objectives as far as education in management is concerned.

The Exchange of Ideas

Speaking on the above lines, a spokesperson for Heritage Business School said that the school endeavors to provide innumerable exchange programmers that give the students exposure to the various activities that are going on around the world and provide them will the necessary knowhow that will help them in their future careers.


Cultural Cooperation

The focus of this conclave was on cultural cooperation between SAARC Countries and this was reflected in the fact that there were dignitaries from around the region. The South Asian countries have a history of cultural similarity and this fact needs to be reflected in the connections between the member countries. All in all, the conclave was a huge success and the efforts of the business school in helping and mentoring its students needs to be appreciated.