5 MBA Myths Busted

Thousands of colleges selling MBA dreams, while some colour it vividly, some keep it painted in stark reality with simply a strong alumni and great reputation to add colours to the dreams. For some MBA is a job direction they are looking for, while for many, like many urban legends, MBA too have many myths associated with it. Let us take a walk down these myths to bust them and bring back the reality.

Million Dollar Tickets


It can be a bluff weaved by some MBA colleges or a general notion but many consider MBA to be the missing link to win a million dollar ticket. Well, even though MBA can help you find a good career direction, but it is not a ticket to million dollar. For that you will have to work hard and use your skills and talent.

 Successful Entrepreneurs


Believe it or not, but many people in India has this belief that being an MBA is equivalent to becoming an entrepreneur, but that is definitely not true. If you are an MBA you can help entrepreneurs run their business efficiently, but having an MBA degree does not make you a business owner. If you want to own a business, studying MBA will help you in running it efficiently.

 MBA= Marketing & Finance

Well, this is the most common belief and myth about MBA that if you are an MBA, you have to be a finance, marketing or HR person. But that is surely not true. There are many avenues of MBA like Fashion, retailing, Hotel and many more and you can choose the right way as par your interest and talent. Not all MBA are from Marketing and Finance.

 Easy Life


Okay, it is a very very common myth and believed almost by every Indian parents and especially relatives, that an MBA degree holder does not have any real work. All he/she has to do is to manage people, but get back to reality, that is surely not the case. An MBA degree holder do have work and very important ones.

MBA=Super Power


An MBA is a social wizard, he can meet, greet and create a great PR with people, he has the super power in being successful in every walk of life and yes, MBA opens door to Jobs. Well that is not true! MBA do not give you super power, but only helps you use your talent and skill well and give your career a better direction. If you are an IT professional, doing an MBA in Finance will not magically transform your career. You have to work hard, have skill and talent for that.



5 Mistakes to Avoid if You are Aspiring for MBA


Now is the time to focus on career. Gone are the times when people used to study and most of them eventually landed in a job to earn their livelihood. Every kid, every student today has a focus in their life and dreams which they wish to achieve.   If we take a look at the career scenario in the present time, MBA seem to be the most lucrative and promising career. If you are planning to start your journey as an MBA, you need to avoid these 5 mistakes.

The Secret Might Lie in the Group Discussion


We often cram and study and focus more on the written examination. But most of the best business schools focus mostly on the group discussion when selecting their students. This not only helps them understand the oratory and presentation skill of the candidate but will also help them understand and explore the candidate’s insights for an extempore topic.

Market Awareness

How to Increase Brand Awareness through Social Media.jpg

For an MBA student, it is important to be aware of the market scenario, for that is the secret ladder to success. Study the current market and economy dynamics as it will help you in group discussions and personal interviews as well.

 Running Behind Every Exam


While you might feel that appearing for every exam might secure your admission, but being focussed is the key. Make a list of the institutions which you aim to be a part of and then start preparing for the entrance exams.



Deciding on the entrance exam can be quite a task. While many believe that CAT is more important and will pave a better opportunity, but in reality, MAT should also be given an equal importance as this exam offers a wide range of B-schools even if your score is not sky-high.

 Check the Reputation


While there may be many B-schools in your city with attractive offers and ad campaigns, but being an aspiring Management student, you must have the ability to judge the right MBA school. Choose your school based on the reputation and not on some promising advertisements.

5 Career Opportunities after Doing an MBA


An MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is an extremely versatile and valuable degree. This will allow you to shine in different directions depending on your career aspirations, skills, and interests. Let’s take a look at few of the career options and job opportunities that can come in your way with an MBA degree.

Management Consultant


A management consultant’s job is to advise companies on their management practices and identify problems within the organization that may be limiting the company from reaching their goals. Many management consultants are self-employed, while others work for large firms. This fall mainly under the crisis management department. This is an ideal arrangement for many MBA degree holders: a flexible career choice with high earning potential. A management consultant should be well-conversant with management techniques, salesmanship, public relations, and financial analysis.

Marketing Manager

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Marketing managers oversee the planning and execution of a multifaceted marketing plan to help their companies grow. The main job of the managers is to set budgets, plan marketing campaigns, and manage staff on the marketing team who conduct market research, launch marketing campaigns, and analyze the data collected from each campaign to make improvements. Their goal is to create more brand awareness and bring in sales.

Operations Manager



An Operation Manager oversees the daily work of the company operations, purchase, inventory,  and works on the coordination between departments, and also helps in policy creation. Responsibilities may also include hiring employees and negotiating contracts. However, this job will vary depending on the organization and expectations of the CEO. Therefore, this position requires a great deal of flexibility and multitasking. An operations manager should have knowledge of management and communications.

Financial Advisor


Financial advisors cater to the individual rather than businesses and play a key role in helping families plan for retirement, take decisions about investment in children’s education, and build individual wealth. A financial advisor looks out for their clients’ best interests by suggesting good investment opportunities and creating realistic long-term plans. A financial advisor will have knowledge about finance, communications, sales, and analysis management.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers help companies to invest and grow their capital through purchasing of equity, bonds, and shares. They also provide advice and assistance during financial transitions such as acquisitions and mergers. Investment bankers are responsible for ensuring that all pertinent paperwork is in order and that all government regulations are followed during any transition. An investment banker should have ample knowledge in finance, communications, sales, and analysis management.


5 Ways to Create an Impression on your First Day at Workplace

“The first impression is the last impression”; although there are many places where this quote is not applicable, no one can deny the fact that this stands true for your new workplace. Your new co-workers and colleagues perceive the “type” of person you are based on initial impressions. These judgments can turn into long-term perceptions and affect your career in the organization. Here are 5 ways in which you can create an impression on your first day in the workplace.

Be punctual

The most important tip for freshers is to arrive early and finish your task within the stipulated time. Being punctual at the workplace highlights your organizing capability and eagerness to work. This also shows that you take your deadlines seriously. Be a good team player; if someone in the team is struggling to finish his or her work, you can be flexible and stay a little late to help your team members.

Be Positive

Staying positive in a workplace can have a huge impact on your career. Be energetic, enthusiastic, and friendly with everyone you come in contact with. It is always better to get acquainted with coworkers as this not only results in better work ethics but creates a favorable environment to meet the deadline timely. Be a good work buddy and lend a helping hand.

Show dedication

If coming early is not making the mark, and then take initiatives to prove your dedication in the workplace. It is always advised to be proactive; go to your seniors and ask them if you can help in any project. This not only shows your enthusiasm about your workplace, but also gives a positive impression.

Seek help

Showing competence is always appreciated, but you cannot know everything. Seek help from others instead of doing the job incorrectly.

Be strict with your fashion choice

Make sure to be well groomed, check for the wrinkles in your shirt and get it fixed, follow a neat and clean look and follow your company’s strict dress code.

Why do MBA

After completing graduation it is usually a confusing period for the students.   The anxiety and dilemma while choosing the right path for a perfect and successful career is both stressful and challenging. With so many options in hand, there is one career which can offer both wealth and a global exposure.

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) will offer an array of advantages, especially when it’s offered by a top business school with a very good reputation. A higher salary after graduation, landing a top management position, and a global exhibitor, are some from the many advantages to it. So if you are measuring the pros and cons of an MBA degree, here are few pros of getting an MBA.

High Salary


Whether an MBA graduate is employed within the private or public sector, their salaries are always higher than any average jobs.  Any student while planning his/her profession definitely keeps salary as an important factor. After comparing an MBA graduates salary and another degree individual with the same potential there is a big difference. Hence making MBA a lucrative career option.

Career Opportunities


An MBA program provides a diverse field for graduates to expand in. There are several core areas covered within an MBA program, including Human Resource, Statistics, Technology and Information Systems, Economics, and Finance. All these areas qualify an MBA graduate to pursue a career in multiple areas and business sectors as well as the public sector.


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An MBA program can offer flexibility for those who are employed and still pursuing masters program. Most MBAs are offered as a part-time course as well as full time and this option means that the students can work at a pace which suits them the best, without feeling hassled or stressed.



MBA graduates have a better understanding of the business world; graduates acquire an in-depth view of the business world. Hence there is no worry about future business problems and stress.

Communication Skills


MBA programs consist of providing soft skills and vocational training. They are taught the art of language, how to add meaning to their words, how to develop effective and exceptional presentations, and overall, how to interact with others in and out of the classroom setting. In a world when communication is the key to success, having a beforehand experience of communication will surely make things easier on the professional front.







Tips on your First Job

If you are going to start on your new job and if it is your first, it will be one-of-a-kind experience. This will be quite challenging as you get to start your new gig without prior experience. With proper preparation you can make a difference to the  initial first impressions. The first job is always a nerve-wrecking experience, but if you come prepared things will be smooth. Here are top 5 tips which you can follow for your first job.

Make a first good impression

Remember that first impressions will definitely count. Create a good impression in your workplace. Wear clothes which are appropriate for the office and always be on time. If you are not sure about the dress code, you can always check to know what is expected to be worn. It takes time to build a work-ready wardrobe, but you can always begin with basics and add something more as you move on.

Listen more, talk less

The first few days are crucial in your workplace. As you absorb the whole ambience, it is best to stick to a simple rule: listen more, talk less. Listening allows you to learn as much as possible in the first few weeks. And as you get a grip of things, you should start asking questions about your tasks and what the managers expect from you.

Go for lunch with your colleagues

For the first few days, try to have lunch with your colleagues. You get to know more about the people with whom you will be working for the next few months or maybe years. It is very important to know the people around you. You can interact with them during lunch hours. You can grab a bit to eat after office or join in the company club so that there is scope for more interaction.

Be ready for the challenges

The first job will always bring new challenges with it. It is always better to start with the difficult jobs so that you know what you are up to. Knowing how to prioritize your everyday job is extremely important; if you want to be successful, you must chart your path of progress carefully.

Take help of mentors

Most of the freshers are put in a mentorship program; mentoring has a number of benefits. In the days of the initial hiccups, it is good to have someone with whom you can run your ideas before implementing them. A little bit of help can actually make your life lot easier when you are on your first job.

4 Tips to Follow to Ace in a Group Discussion

Group discussions, personal interviews, essays, case discussions are some of the ways Business Schools judge the candidate’s aptitude and ability. It’s a simple way to gain brownie points. However it is not an easy task. Lakhs of students all over the country apply to prestigious Business Schools, hoping to ace the interview, but most of the applicants fail because they are not comfortable in communication. The key to acing such interviews and discussions is to read the paper, and keep yourself updated about the current affairs.

Most internet-savvy candidates should keep themselves updated about the recent developments in politics, entertainment, sports. Make a habit of reading the newspapers daily so that you with a boatload of content for conversation, which come quite useful in group discussions. Extra knowledge doesn’t hurt, and makes your conversation more wholesome and informative. You can source information from different reputed magazines as well. They are some of the best, trustworthy and wholesome sources of information which never fails to satisfy. On the other hand, following politicians and other men and women of importance on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, keep you updated with the news which might just come in handy for your Group Discussions.

Answering questions very precisely and to the point is key to a good Interview. Interviewers generally don’t have enough time to know your whole life story in every detail, so you must be able to make a good impression in a few lines; interviewers should be able to capture the essence of who you are and what you want to become from these few lines.

Also saying “No” or “I don’t know” is better than answering the question with wrong information. Answering questions with wrong information creates a negative impression which is counter intuitive to your goal of acquiring a seat in the program. Saying “I don’t know” or admitting to mistakes in general shows genuinity, a quality much appreciated by interviewers.

While you are in a group discussion, interviewers always see two things; your attitude and your
personality. The first shows of what you are capable of achieving and the second shows how confident you can be in a particular situation and whether you are able to come out with flying colours.