Tips on your First Job

If you are going to start on your new job and if it is your first, it will be one-of-a-kind experience. This will be quite challenging as you get to start your new gig without prior experience. With proper preparation you can make a difference to the  initial first impressions. The first job is always a nerve-wrecking experience, but if you come prepared things will be smooth. Here are top 5 tips which you can follow for your first job.

Make a first good impression

Remember that first impressions will definitely count. Create a good impression in your workplace. Wear clothes which are appropriate for the office and always be on time. If you are not sure about the dress code, you can always check to know what is expected to be worn. It takes time to build a work-ready wardrobe, but you can always begin with basics and add something more as you move on.

Listen more, talk less

The first few days are crucial in your workplace. As you absorb the whole ambience, it is best to stick to a simple rule: listen more, talk less. Listening allows you to learn as much as possible in the first few weeks. And as you get a grip of things, you should start asking questions about your tasks and what the managers expect from you.

Go for lunch with your colleagues

For the first few days, try to have lunch with your colleagues. You get to know more about the people with whom you will be working for the next few months or maybe years. It is very important to know the people around you. You can interact with them during lunch hours. You can grab a bit to eat after office or join in the company club so that there is scope for more interaction.

Be ready for the challenges

The first job will always bring new challenges with it. It is always better to start with the difficult jobs so that you know what you are up to. Knowing how to prioritize your everyday job is extremely important; if you want to be successful, you must chart your path of progress carefully.

Take help of mentors

Most of the freshers are put in a mentorship program; mentoring has a number of benefits. In the days of the initial hiccups, it is good to have someone with whom you can run your ideas before implementing them. A little bit of help can actually make your life lot easier when you are on your first job.


4 Tips to Follow to Ace in a Group Discussion

Group discussions, personal interviews, essays, case discussions are some of the ways Business Schools judge the candidate’s aptitude and ability. It’s a simple way to gain brownie points. However it is not an easy task. Lakhs of students all over the country apply to prestigious Business Schools, hoping to ace the interview, but most of the applicants fail because they are not comfortable in communication. The key to acing such interviews and discussions is to read the paper, and keep yourself updated about the current affairs.

Most internet-savvy candidates should keep themselves updated about the recent developments in politics, entertainment, sports. Make a habit of reading the newspapers daily so that you with a boatload of content for conversation, which come quite useful in group discussions. Extra knowledge doesn’t hurt, and makes your conversation more wholesome and informative. You can source information from different reputed magazines as well. They are some of the best, trustworthy and wholesome sources of information which never fails to satisfy. On the other hand, following politicians and other men and women of importance on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, keep you updated with the news which might just come in handy for your Group Discussions.

Answering questions very precisely and to the point is key to a good Interview. Interviewers generally don’t have enough time to know your whole life story in every detail, so you must be able to make a good impression in a few lines; interviewers should be able to capture the essence of who you are and what you want to become from these few lines.

Also saying “No” or “I don’t know” is better than answering the question with wrong information. Answering questions with wrong information creates a negative impression which is counter intuitive to your goal of acquiring a seat in the program. Saying “I don’t know” or admitting to mistakes in general shows genuinity, a quality much appreciated by interviewers.

While you are in a group discussion, interviewers always see two things; your attitude and your
personality. The first shows of what you are capable of achieving and the second shows how confident you can be in a particular situation and whether you are able to come out with flying colours.

Redefine Your Career in 5 Easy Steps This New Year

New Year calls for everything new and that includes new goals, new habits and new dreams. As 2017 is on the verge of ending it is time to take new steps to redefine our dreams and goals. If you are a student from top 5 MBA colleges in Kolkata you need to take some steps to redefine your career in the upcoming year.

Start Planning

If you are aspiring for an MBA career, planning is the key. If you have not yet planned your post MBA career, 2018 is the time to do that. Many students often concentrate so much on their MBA course and entrance exams that they do not give a thought about their career post the degree. Assess your skills and current expertise in 2018 to make better use of them to build your career

Take Advice

Let this year be a year that will help you shape your entire career. Take advice from a career counselor or a person who can help so that it becomes easy to shape your career. This career counselor can help you understand your skills and strengths so that you can use them efficiently in future.

Make Use of Your Alumni

Your B school alumni can be a great resource when it comes to building your career. Let 2018 be a year to connect to the B school alumni. The alumni groups are great for networking, keeping tab of the job scenario and references as well. The experience that you might gather from the alumni groups can take you a long way.

Find a Role Model

Finding yourself a role model is very important to achieve something big in life. Look up to a person who has achieved it big in their life and let them guide you to your dream destination. Set a bar for yourself and work hard towards it to achieve your dream job. Be unapologetic towards your intention to excel and be determined and focused this new year.

Enhance your Communication Skill

Even though this is the most vital part for any job, yet we end up neglecting this. Yes, we are talking about the communication skill. For any job or to get any job, the first thing people notice about you is your communication skill. So this year, take pledge to work on this skill. Be articulate, succinct, relevant and on time in order to become a good communicator.

And the most important part is, do not forget to ask for feedback and criticism, since they help you the most in defining your career. This New Year, be a little more open to criticism

Stress Management Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

Stress has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. This is especially true for people engaged in the corporate world where stress levels run high due to long hours and inevitable work pressure. However, stress is something that needs to be managed and not grumbled about.

There are many ways of managing stress. The most important one among them is the belief that you will be conscious about the fact that you are stressed and will be ready to take adequate measures to protect yourself from it.

Let us now discuss a few stress management tips that will help you reduce stress at work and improve your productivity.

Plan for the Day

Before starting your daily routine every day, you need to chart out the list of activities that you will do for the day. This means that you have to plan for the day in advance. Give yourself five minutes every day to plan for entire day. This will help you stay focused and energized.

Make A Practical Plan

Ensure that you make a practical plan and do not overburden yourself with too much work that you cannot handle. This is because if you take too much work for yourself, then you will not be able to do it properly and your productivity and output will both suffer. So take up only the right amount of work that you are comfortable with.

Be Well Organized

It is very important that you are well organized so that you save a lot of your precious time. This will ensure that you can keep the stress levels to the minimum.

Delegate Work

If you find yourself overburdened by work, then you need to delegate it to others. This is because you need to outsource your work in order to relieve the burden.

Take Regular Exercise

You need to take regular exercise so that you can reduce your stress levels. This is because exercise helps you to release endorphins that are feel good hormones and a natural stress buster.

Don’t Defer Tasks That You Don’t Like

It is natural that you want to defer work that you don’t like. But this is a very serious mistake that will have major repercussions in the long run. This is because it will nag and irritate you and cause unnecessary stress.

Don’t Get Distracted

While at work, it is important that you give your full focus and attention and don’t get distracted easily. This can come in various forms like chatting over the phone, surfing the net and gossiping with colleagues. While it’s important to bond with people while in the office, still you must ensure that your work is not hampered while you are working

Work Hardest During Peak Hours

Everybody feels a little sleepy after lunch hour. Hence, it is natural that productivity gets reduced during the afternoons. Hence, you should ensure that you work hardest during the start and the end of the day so that the work is done properly.

These are some of the tips that you need to follow while at work so that you can reduce your stress levels effectively.

The Road to B-School

Every graduate dreams of getting an MBA degree.  In fact, today even engineering graduates have realized that just having a BE is not enough. They simply need to have an MBA if they wish to climb corporate ladders.

Even though a majority of test takers these days are engineers owing to their superior quantitative skills, still even a student from the general stream can also hope to get an MBA seat in a prestigious college. Thus, MBA is the universal degree for entering the corporate world.

This gives a fair chance to students across all streams with MBA being the most popular choice among Economics and Commerce students. Many of the students from these streams go on to complete their MBA in Finance.

No Longer A Luxury

All these factors have made an MBA not a luxury but a necessity in modern times. This has led to the mushrooming of coaching centers all over the country that help a student to get through the coveted MBA league.

There are a number of MBA tests that are present all over the country like the CAT that prepares you for the IIMs, the XAT that prepares you for the XLRI and the regional entrance tests like the CET of Maharashtra.

The Long Preparation

The Road to B-School is a tough one indeed. Most people start their MBA preparations from the first year of degree college itself. This is because it gives them a solid chance of staying ahead of the competition.

The aspirants have to give a verbal, quantitative, data interpretation and logic section that enables them to score high in all the requirements of the written test. However, the written test is not the only section that needs to be done.

There are other important sections as well like the Group Discussion and The Personal Interview that helps in gauging if the aspirant is really capable of doing an MBA. The coaching centers give adequate preparations for doing well in both these rounds as well.

The students have to devote three to four years of their studies to the preparation of the MBA tests. This gives them ample amount of time to score well. A good score is essential as it provides the people with an opportunity to get selected at a premier institute.

Selection of Institute

Every students needs to plan ahead and make a hierarchy among the institutes available. This means that they need to be sure as to their preferences when choosing a business school. After getting their scores, there will be a number of B-schools where students with high scores will have the privilege of joining.

Thus, they need to be very meticulous in their selection of institutes as their career depends on it. The final stage of this journey is reached when they take admission to the selected institute. This completes the whole process and the aspirant comes a full circle.

Thus, the road to MBA is a long one and the following Chinese proverb epitomizes it. This proverb was given by Laozi, the Chinese philosopher and says:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Nothing could be more apt as far as the road to B-School is concerned.

Various Types Of Managerial Styles

There are many different types of managers. Some are liberal, others love to micro manage and a few others are downright dictatorial. No matter who your boss is, very few employees have the expertise to find out and classify the different managerial styles. This is what you need to know.

Every manager has his or her managerial style that blends with their personalities. The Hitlerian boss will be autocratic, the lenient boss will be judged as friendly and sweet and the rude boss will be feared and avoided as much as possible.

The Autocratic Manager

This is a very common style of managing people especially in a traditional country like India. Here what the boss says is right and the onus is totally on the employee to keep up and meet his or her demands. The manager is not at all concerned about the employee’s welfare but is more interested in fulfilling his ego.

This style has serious adverse repercussions on the work as well as the human resources of the company because people get fed up and quit their jobs resulting in high attrition rates and this augurs badly for the talent pool lost by the company.

The Human Resources of the company goes on overdrive as far as recruitment is concerned and if this autocratic manager does not get along with other managers then this further complicates the problem. In other words, this is a very bad style of management and needs to be avoided and suppressed at all costs.

The Permissive Manager

This is the manager whom everybody loves because of his lenient and sweet nature. He is very liberal and gives you leave to do whatever you want as long as your work is completed. He builds friendly and cordial relations with all the people and ensures that there is a healthy working relationship.

He also builds relations with other managers and ensures that there is a spirit of teamwork and cohesion among all members of the multifarious departments. He is called the permissive manager because he gives permission to all the people to carry out their activities without interruption.

Every organization loves to have this manager. However, there are some unscrupulous employees who wish to take advantage of this situation and shirk work as far as possible. If there are too many such employees, then the quality of work will be affected and the organization may suffer.

The Authoritative Manager

This is the ideal manager whom every organization wants to have. This is because he is very much like the permissive manager. The only difference is that he knows how to get things done if unscrupulous elements take advantage and knows how to get such people back in line.

This makes him overcome the disadvantages of the permissive manager keeping all the positive traits of liberty and friendliness intact. However, he is called as the authoritative manager as he knows how to show authority, be firm and enforce discipline when the situation demands it. This makes him the preferred manager across various kinds of organizations.

Thus, these three types of managers encompass the entire spectra of different managerial styles. Now you know more about their classification.

Why to do an MBA – Top 3 Reasons

To be an MBA or not to be, if that is your confusion, let us help you out with your dilemma.

From the freshman out of college to those with some years experience, we all want to earn big and secure our future, and opting for MBA seems to be the easiest way out. But before mindlessly applying for your MBA course, take a pause and answer the first basic question, Why MBA? If you have an answer to it, well and good, but if you don’t, here are the top 3 reasons to enroll yourself into the top MBA College Kolkata.

MBA is Much In Demand

According to a study, the year 2017 is a great year for all the MBA aspirants, since hiring for the post of MBA will be an upward trend from this year onward. The research shows 79% of employers expect to hire MBA graduates this year. And when there is a rising demand, job opportunity increases many fold in the corporate sector.

Knowledge Is Power

MBA is not just a stream of study. It helps you gain knowledge. Now you may wonder why you would spend money just to gain knowledge when you can get it for free in the internet! Here lies the magic of MBA. In a MBA course, not only will you gain knowledge, but the regular debates and discussions with the faculty and peers helps you understand and cope up with the daily problems that you may face in your job profile. MBA course helps you understand the basic of business, making your foundation strong and all set for your job.

Move Forward

If you are already working, there might be a chance that you may start to feel stagnated. MBA is the best strategic way to push your career few steps forward.