Why An MBA Degree Adds Value to Your Resume: Know The Career Prospects after MBA

Master of Business Administration is the best known and widely recognized post graduate degree intended for those who are keen to work in corporate. So what are the major reasons why you need to do an MBA? Read on to know more…

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Versatility of Jobs

 Empowered with an MBA degree individual can develop a career in a vast range of fields. Umpteen varieties of career options including Human Resource Management, Operational Management, Strategic Management, International Management and Organizational Communication etc are there on the cards after a post graduation from MBA College Kolkata.


Why An MBA Is Required


While doing MBA, individual gets new avenues in career path that provide new skills. Every MBA wants to see a return on their investment whereas employers expect that MBA people will possess high credibility, confidence and influence on others. While pursuing an MBA in finance one can gain the business and financial skills needed to work in a number of enterprises. The best B-Schools offer the students to get the best positions and higher salaries upon graduation. Some schools offer a curriculum enriched with multiple business related courses like management methods and accounting.

MBA finance programs provide the foundational education in statistics, leadership, economics and strategy. They can opt for any of the following categories after passing out from one of the best B Schools.

Opens The Doors


MBA creates new networks and opens multiple opportunities you have never dreamt of. The compensation packages offered after MBA is always higher as well as the best MBA colleges in Kolkata give 100% placement assurance thus an MBA graduate is likely to get returns of their total investment within a tenure of four to five years.









First Day in Job

So finally you have got the job!! And you are very keen to make a great impression – remember the first impression is often the last impression! So make sure you are at your best on the first day! Read on to know more…

Wear A positive Attitude


The most important aspect of a good impression is positive attitude. Let your enthusiasm for being part of the team and the organization show through to every person you interact with. Leave your personal problems at home and concentrate on radiating excitement for this best opportunity.

Flaunt A Professional Attire


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Never underestimate the importance of professional dressing. Studies show that people generally make a judgement about you within few seconds of meeting you. Your dressing sense has significant impact on the onlookers. During first few days take care to dress professionally even on casual days. Even if you are not comfortable in formal skirts and suits you can wear the opulent saris anytime.

Show Your Team Spirit


Digital Marketing course in India advises to work together to solve any kind of problems and get the job done. Show loyalty to your co-workers by focusing more. Never forget to give credit where credit is due to gain the trust of your co-workers. Learn their names very fast; make it a priority to remember everyone’s name of your team.

Always Ask Questions


It is not possible to know everything and so feel free to ask questions or ask for help when you need it. Listen to your co-workers and communicate properly. Converse openly with your superiors about any concern arises in the office. Never forget to take notes when in a meeting or seminar. Remember the rules and regulations of your organization and accept any training you are offered.

Be on Time


Always try to be in office at least 15 minutes early and do a last minute preparation after reaching in the office premises. Relax and smile in the first day of your office as it will allow you to optimize your productivity. Listen and observe every minute thing happening in the office and try to take note of almost everything.

These small but important things will allow you to overcome any adverse situation you face in your office and always remember that first impression is the last one so the persona you show on your arrival in the office will be remembered always.

What Should You Look at While Choosing The Right MBA College

The Ways to Access A Right MBA Program

A lot of students opt for an MBA program after their graduation to get a better salary package. Students even tend to change their streams completely after the degree in order to achieve that purpose. Thus it is most important that you take a rational and well informed decision while choosing the top MBA College Kolkata.


Ascertain The Credibility

Umpteen institutions are there across the country to offer management education but a student must select an institution that has been offering the course for a few years and is recognized under UGC or AICTE. The MBA school in Kolkata with best placement comes next in the criteria. It is important not to be swayed by the colleges that flaunt awards received from private institutions with no academic accreditation or industrial relevance.



Sometimes it is difficult to trust college ranking and faculty information as claimed by different institutions offering MBA but students should take initiative to know more about them. ‘Word of mouth’ information is much trustworthy and it is assumed that the students who have already passed out from the institution can give best feedback.


Nowadays choosing an institute in Kolkata has become akin to choose from a menu card, students pay more importance to the brand name of a college rather than to the course they want to study. Although the basic syllabus remains the same but conducting extra projects, workshops, inviting eminent personalities as guest lecturers define the credibility of the institute.



Perhaps the most important factor while deciding on a college, as mentioned earlier that often this becomes the only decision making criterion. The placement data provided by the college on their website shows a way. Internship programs offered by the institution give students a chance to interact with people who are doing practical work and they prepare themselves to face the real challenge.

Clear the knowledge of your own ability both academically and professionally and set your goals, see how they fit with the institutes you are applying for and then achieve your dream.






How to Write A Killer Resume

A good resume is like potential energy, the compliments of a name on paper, in documents, word of mouth, whether you are writing it for the first time or updating for the umpteenth time, be sure you are keeping no stones unturned to make it crisp, peppy and happening.

Congruent Value

When it comes for a job, compatibility value of the resume can be the most important tool. Nobody has endless time to check a resume from the root level so it should be interesting in such a way that no important points can go unnoticed.



Key points should be jotted down here encompassing each part of your resume as you go ahead with the steps. You must highlight the job type you are looking for. Your field of work will come here prioritizing this space in the resume.



This place contains your name, permanent and present address, contact number(s), E mail address, web address and your social networking profiles; which will come next to establishment or introduction.

Job Objectives

The process works keenly on what you have within you to offer to the employers. Though it is optional to have a job objective in your resume but it can however be very useful in some cases such as,

a) If you are making a major change in your career

b) If you are applying for a specific job.

Summary of Qualifications- Your education is important because with only a few words you can show an employer the depth of your potential. If the other parts of your resume are ignored, this part is the only one an employer looks into the most. You should write about your achievements putting a sub heading that will come next to qualification. Do a little research to write this part and you must not miss out even a mere point.

Key Words And Format

Employers or recruiters search for key words and so put lots of that if you want to be found as key words give important information about the job seeker. Ex: Management skills, Work history etc. The format should catch the eye of the recruiters on an instance; it must be in Chronological, Functional or Combination order.


Your MBA School in kolkata with best placement will give you innumerable job offers; remember that a proper resume can play a pivotal role in grabbing a good job. Compile your hobby, the languages you know and your CSR activities in your resume maintaining a correct length.

Build A Boat And Cross The Pacific

“My ambition far exceeds my talent” said George Chung (Johnny Depp) in ‘Blow’. Society often looks at high ambition as greed or addiction to power. But they often forget that it was this natural ambition to live and survive in triumphant fashion that has helped humanity thrive in the present civilization.

Ambition Sets You Apart

Ambition is what gives us a purpose in life and allows us to fight for what we believe in. Ambitious people understand that, there is no shortcut to success and it is persistence and hard work that helps in people to reach their destination.

There is competition in every walk of life and only people who has the ambition, wins. The chance of his winning is more, mainly because he can do anything that will let him surpass his own limits and will never quit on thinking new ways to reach the goal.


Knowing How To Navigate

But having an ambition can never be enough. Even if you have the ambition to cross the Pacific Ocean, but you would still need a boat. You may have the ambition to have a successful career and the talent to fuel it, but in today’s competitive world, when the ocean is full of ships and boats, you must also know how to navigate through the waters to cross the ocean with ease.


Sailing Made Easy

Deciding on the right way is as important as having the ambition. In present time opting for the best MBA course Kolkata can be the best course to follow. Why not enroll yourself in a mba school in Kolkata with best placement and let them channelize your talent and ambition in the proper direction. You will see how easy it will be to cross the Pacific, when you will be ready to build your boat and sail away.


The Characteristics A Leader Should Possess: Top Facts to Know

Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others depend.

-Winston Churchill.

In simple verse, leadership is the ability to inspire and guide other people. Management literature always put focuses on the characteristics of the leader- what makes a person leader or why people tend to follow a certain person is very difficult to answer. But there are few leadership qualities that include experience, skill, responsibility, intelligence, power of organizing people and some ‘X’ factors. The post graduation courses in top MBA College Kolkata introspect the qualities of a leader, that include-

Mental Strength

A leader should not be physically strong but he needs to be mentally strong and able to take firm decisions. For example, Mahatma Gandhi was an active leader though he was fragile physically, he had the one and only desire to serve the nation and acquire freedom for his country people. His charismatic personality used to mesmerize people only because he satisfied the psychological needs of the masses.



The most important quality of a leader is his intelligence and alertness. He should not trust even his closest buddies more than required as it can create problem to him. An Army or a Police officer who leads his team from the front always needs to be attentive while marching ahead. A political leader should be intelligent enough as the entire nation’s security depends on him. As for example, Winston Churchill won the Second World War just by applying his brain and alertness.


Impartial Approach

A good leader should always be impartial, even if he does not like anybody or any fact, he should not speak his mind as it can destroy the trust of a lot of people. The duty of a good leader is to encourage and raise the standard of his followers and should know how to make people work for him as a single person cannot do all work by himself.

Optimistic Approach

A person who thinks or plan something negative can never become a leader. A leader should always be courageous; he should know how to face the trouble and how to get over. Few people remain at the same place where they stood in the beginning, until and unless one comes out of cowardliness and jealousy he cannot be a leader.


A good leader always remains faithful to his duties and activities. He has faith in self abilities and the world around him.


How to Be An Effective Manager: Know The Top Tips

Managers are the pillars that create and maintain thriving working force for their company. Engaging and motivating fellow mates to success and inspiring them to follow a greater company vision is not an easy task to do. A good manager is an asset to any company who possesses few characteristics.


MBA School Kolkata with Best Placement, HBS always thrives to evaluate leadership quality in their students, the ability to direct, motivate and lead is imperative to a team’s success. There are many characteristics that are entailed in this specific quality; experience, skills, responsibility, intelligence are few of them. A true leader never back off from directing from the forefront. A good managerial skill drives the master task maker towards obtaining goals. Being result oriented makes the good manager more ambitious, always striving to break records to make a new one.


Positive Attitude

Assertiveness is the second best quality a good manager should possess. Backing off while confronting any problem without mentioning self opinion is the most important negative trait of a manager. Good managers are not afraid to face any problem from the forefront. He should remember not to be an authoritarian and not to take any impulsive decisions without consulting others. Positive attitude brings energy along with it that sets pace for the day. An effective manager does not stroll but run up the stairs.



According to the point of view of Best MBA College Kolkata HBS, the ability to delegate is one of the most important qualities of a good manager. Being able to delegate does not only make an efficient manager but can create a productive team. The members of the team will feel motivated and empowered if given additional responsibilities.

Communication Skills

Frequent communication is very important for a good team to work effectively, thus a manager should be proactive to initiate a series of positive liaison with his teammates. A good manager is a classic communication expert; he can create an environment where everyone feels comfortable only with his great orator ship.

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It can be said that a great manager knows when to hold certain situations lightly as well as when to drive certain situation with urgency. Managerial skills cannot be written in books; it is built by individual and then is dismantled situation wise and then again built with some other bricks.