The Characteristics A Leader Should Possess: Top Facts to Know

Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others depend.

-Winston Churchill.

In simple verse, leadership is the ability to inspire and guide other people. Management literature always put focuses on the characteristics of the leader- what makes a person leader or why people tend to follow a certain person is very difficult to answer. But there are few leadership qualities that include experience, skill, responsibility, intelligence, power of organizing people and some ‘X’ factors. The post graduation courses in top MBA College Kolkata introspect the qualities of a leader, that include-

Mental Strength

A leader should not be physically strong but he needs to be mentally strong and able to take firm decisions. For example, Mahatma Gandhi was an active leader though he was fragile physically, he had the one and only desire to serve the nation and acquire freedom for his country people. His charismatic personality used to mesmerize people only because he satisfied the psychological needs of the masses.



The most important quality of a leader is his intelligence and alertness. He should not trust even his closest buddies more than required as it can create problem to him. An Army or a Police officer who leads his team from the front always needs to be attentive while marching ahead. A political leader should be intelligent enough as the entire nation’s security depends on him. As for example, Winston Churchill won the Second World War just by applying his brain and alertness.


Impartial Approach

A good leader should always be impartial, even if he does not like anybody or any fact, he should not speak his mind as it can destroy the trust of a lot of people. The duty of a good leader is to encourage and raise the standard of his followers and should know how to make people work for him as a single person cannot do all work by himself.

Optimistic Approach

A person who thinks or plan something negative can never become a leader. A leader should always be courageous; he should know how to face the trouble and how to get over. Few people remain at the same place where they stood in the beginning, until and unless one comes out of cowardliness and jealousy he cannot be a leader.


A good leader always remains faithful to his duties and activities. He has faith in self abilities and the world around him.



Top 3 Tips To Negotiate Salary

Once you have actually passed a job interview, it is time that to negotiate the right salary for you. Decide within yourself how important it is to work for the particular company. The top 3 tips to negotiate the salary have been listed below.

Be Positive

You need to be optimistic in mind that as if you have crossed the hurdle and fared well in the interview rounds, then this stage will not be a problem. With anxiety or any wrong apprehensions, you will feel only pessimistic. So, be confident that you are worth it. Be professional and let your body language suit your words, that you are speaking. You need to be a good negotiator after all, if you think right, you will play right.
Be Realistic

Think right and be in the real world, while negotiating your salary with the prospective employer. Do not think too high or too low, primarily you can do a research as to, what the other companies are paying to the employees as employers also does a good research before negotiating the right salary. There are many websites that provide salary information, including:,,,,, and Create a salary range from these sites and from the employees and then speak to your employer about it.

Know Your Strength

If you know you strengths and weaknesses well, then nobody can pay you anything but right. Think, what makes you special and what are the qualities that will make the company grow. You can also conduct a SWOT analysis to make yourself more ware about your strong areas. Write down, all your special qualities that differentiates you from others. That can help you actually in salary negotiation.

Not all persons have the innate art of speaking or are born speakers, so be yourself, listen carefully and negotiate a salary that suits you, until you are extremely fascinated to join a particular company. Be a complete winner by impressing your employer with your confident talks, your body language which has to be confident and calm. That will show as to how good you have practiced as there is no other alternative to reach the level of perfection.

Entrepreneurship Week At Heritage Business School

‘Innovation Distinguishes Between A Leader and A Follower’ – Steve Jobs


This is a quote that has inspired millions of innovators and budding entrepreneurs and the students at Heritage Business School too have been motivated by these inspiring words of Steve Jobs.

DSCN3933 DSCN0109 DSCN0040

Their imagination and ideas have found a platform through the Entrepreneurship Week at Heritage Business School that started on 20th February and will go on till 27th February 2016. The event is being held in association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) and the motto for the event is ‘Innovative Ideas for a Better World’.

DSCN0146 DSCN0130

The event was inaugurated on 20th February where Mr. Nitesh Sood, an Ex-student among other dignitaries who talked about their successful entrepreneurial journey. The students participated enthusiastically and have come up with numerous innovative ideas and plans that will be showcased in the coming days of the events. The event can play a big role in igniting the fire of entrepreneurial zeal in the students to make them the future leaders of great business prospects of India.